Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Card giveaway, the transatlantic edition (yes, free cards, absolutely)

Ok, so the month of November is finally over. For those who remember (or actually care), I spent the last month working on my novel. And I'm very happy to announce that I managed to accomplish the impossible to me feat of writing 50 000 words in 30 days. Despite a ton of work and various events you may have heard of that happened in France, I sat behind my computer and wrote and wrote and wrote again. I finished my 50 000 words 1 hour before the deadline. That was close ! But yeah, I'm very proud. I only have something like 30 pages or so to write and I should be done. Then I'll work on being famous.

Anyway, enough about me.
Not that I have a little more time for my card collection (actually, I don't really, as I now have to work on my music album, due out at the beginning of the year), I figured I might as well use the whole Christmas spirit to offer to send out some cards.

But first, I'll be testing the waters to see if anybody's interested.

Here's what I have in mind : as most of you know, I'm mainly a 90s type of guy (mid-90s, so no junk wax in my piles. Well, hardly any), but I also open boxes of a little bit of everything. Nothing high-end, though, just cards I think are nice. I probably have about 5 000 cards I wish to divide up in lots (probably of about 100 cards each). Team, players, sets etc.  Since most of you are team collectors, I'll mainly be focusing on dispatching them that way. Obviously, I have plenty of duplicates of my own PC, and those will be included, as I don't keep doubles.

Shipping isn't cheap, and even though I feel generous and I want to spread a little French love upon you all, I also have some gifts to buy to my family and friends, so I can't just go out and spend all my money on stamps. For those who simply want to claim a lot, just send $6 by paypal and I'll send it out, no strings attached (such a package will cost me about $9 to send, but that's ok). Those who wish to trade will get their lots for free. Send back whatever you think is fair, I'm not too picky (just avoid Blue Jays base cards, those are covered). It'll also be a great way to make new trade partners.

Anyway, before I start organizing everything, is this something you people might be interested in ? I figure I need at least 10 participants to make this worthwhile, so don't hesitate to comment !



  1. I'd be interested in the Braves and could send something back. Haven't traded with you before though I send the occasional package to Belgium.

    1. they're yours ! and sure, i'd love to trade

    2. Sorry for clogging up your other post my phone likes to double and triple post sometimes.

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  3. I see some 2008 UD at the top of one of the piles. Is it worth asking how many '08 UD I could get my grubby hands on?

  4. You did it! Keep advertising it and people will claim.

  5. Think you could scrounge together a Red Sox package?