Friday, November 13, 2015

Triple box break

Well, it's once again chaos here in Paris, so in order to take my mind off what's happening at the moment, I figure I might as well write a blog post...

I'll just show off my share of our triple box break,hosted by Brian. He also included some amazing cards for our ongoing trades, that I'll show soon, when I'm in a less sad mood.

The boxes opened were some 2013 Topps minis, 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars and 2010 Bowman Chrome

It's an Abreu hot box !

Soler's clear path to greatness was obviously obstructed, as he only pitched a few games in the Majors. And below, you can'"t really tell from the scan, but it's a Martin Prado redemption ! It expired in 2010. Maybe if they get a licence back, I'll be able to ask for that Prado auto...

And finally, a pretty cool hit, at this is the Refractor auto of top prospect Gary Sanchez. He's a really big deal right now, as he won the MVP award at the AFL Fall Stars game. Plus it's number 005 / 500, so it looks pretty. Sorry Kenny, I'm holding onto it for now !


  1. Drat, well congrats on the Sanchez hit though :). You picked the right time to get him lol.

    Looks like you had a solid break all around. Congrats.

    1. On a sidenote, I hope you and your loved ones are safe.

  2. I'm glad to hear you are OK. There are some things more important than trading cards.

  3.'s tough to wrap your mind around what's going on in this world. Thanks guys for your kind thoughts

  4. I just got home from work and read about the horrible things that happened in Paris. Glad that you are OK and I hope that your friends and loved ones are safe.

  5. My heart weighs heavy for France and her beautiful people. It seems the world has changed too much in my lifetime. War has changed. Kevin, you are on my mind. I do hope all your family and friends are safe. Thinking of you...