Sunday, November 22, 2015

The (il)logical song

As you all know, I tend to buy the most random things off ebay, depending on what I can find to lower shipping charges per card. It helps me build up my collection and find things to trade for, but it hardly helps me to stay focused on just one aspect of my collection.

That being said, there is a certain logic to what I buy. Or at least I hope there is

Brooks is strictly PC. I now have something like 8 of his regular playing days base cards, which is starting to look like something. That 68 card is in pretty bad shape, but then again it cost me $2 (and $3 for the other).
 Just some players I like (and I'm hoping to add as many Aarons as possible, though I can say goodbye to his RC). Brian, if you ever read this, let me know if you need that Killebrew.

I love that 1960 set, so whenever I can add some cards for cheap, I jump on the opportunity. This time, I was mainly after that Aparicio card, and I'm glad I landed it (not that Aparicio cards are tough to get, he isn't exactly wildly collected). I got the Curt Flood more for his place in baseball history and labor disputes than for his 7 Gold Gloves, ironically.

I got the other two because of the one at the center, the Scott Rolen auto. Still a great looking set though, despite those horrible Angels colors.

I just like Fan Favorites autos. And had no idea who Lenny Harris was.

Another favorite set of mine, that I only read about recently (probably on Gavin's blog). I saw that Dave Stieb was on the checklist, so I hurried and acquired the one that was up for auction. I paid $10 shipped for the two cards.

Now those are even more logical. Delgado is on plenty of this year's checklists, so that makes me happy. Five Star is a pretty cool set too.

Another Vernon Wells auto (woohoo), this time on a sweet-spot like card.

And finally, more filler cards. Stackhouse (dubbed the next Jordan, and at least it was more true than with Harold Miner) had some very decent years, too bad he was injured so much and traded to 50 000 different teams. I picked it up because I really liked the on card signature. As for Reggie Theus, it's just a great looking card from an awesome set.

So there you go ! Just me showing off random logical cards. And now thanks to me you all have that Supertramp song in your heads. You're welcome


  1. Nice pickups all around!! I have 16 1961 cards I can send your way if you are interested.

  2. Lot of great cards there -- Eddie Mathews, awesome. And Lenny Harris was one of the best pinch-hitters of all-time.

    I'm off to listen to Breakfast In America.

    1. I'm still learning about the game and its History, and the more I read about Ed Mathews, the more I like him.
      I know it'll sound biased, but Supertramp's live in Paris (from the 70s) is awesome

  3. First let me say - STOP! Stop shopping for yourself so close to Christmas! It IS illogical. Now then.. 1960 is a great one. I pick those up cheap too. Also love 54 and 58. I pick up any and all catchers from those years, plus stars at affordable prices. Seriously though, stop it. ;)

    1. Ok Julie,no more buying PC cards before next year, I promise ! I need to put your Christmas package together anyway...

  4. Vintage rules. Although that Stieb autograph is nice too. Off to figure out who Lenny Harris is.

    1. Oh. Now I see. Harris is the all-time pinch hit leader. Kinda makes me want to go out and find this card.