Friday, November 6, 2015

A not too shabby box break : 2015 Topps

It was my turn to host our transatlantic triple box break (featuring Matt and Brian), so I picked a box of 2002 Spx. I don't have much to show, as all the hits (if we can call them hits) are going to my friends. Oh wait, there IS one card, as Matt already traded it to me without even having to send it back to me. How convenient ! But I'll show it at another time.

In the meantime, to lower shipping charges, I added a box of 2015 Topps series one. I was waiting for the right time to purchase one, and the price (and time) were perfect. And the least I can say is that I was wright to wait a little bit...

The usual parallels, and at least I landed a Blue Jays player, so yay

More parallels, this time with Gold. Getting a couple Diamond backs PLUS Ventura seems a little cruel, but at least there's Polanco, and we all know where that card is headed.

The auto checklist isn't very impressive, so I wasn't particularly excited about the idea of getting a relic or an auto. But this will do, especially with the Red Sox collectors out there.

Hum. Buybacks. The Ralph Houk is kinda cool, but there's a huge crease + writing on the back. If I want a poor copy of a 68 Topps Ralph Houk, I know how to get one.

Ok, then it got interesting :

I don't know if you can tell from the scan, but it's a silver framed parallel. Super thick, super heavy (there were only 2 cards in the pack), plus it's of Konerko on his great sunset card (hi Nick !). Numbered 13/20.

And then it got very, very interesting :

A clear acetate parallel card, numbered 10/10, of a few players that are a little popular. Amazing pull ! Plus, it's actually really great looking.

So yeah. That was a fun box to break. To say the least


  1. You didn't mention the Konerko, or you did and I somehow missed it, but holy smokes that is awesome.

    Of course that Trout is awesome too. That could pay for your box. I can't believe both of those parallels came out of the same box. That has to be one of the better ones I've seen.

  2. Congrats on that incredible box!

  3. So who got the AL Central in the break? I need to figure out what team cards I am buying my next trip to a card show.

    1. The Topps box was for my pretty eyes only and wasn't included in the break. I'm holding onto the Konerko for now because it's way too nice, but I'll probably consider trading it to you at some point ! it has your name written on it anyway

  4. I'd be ecstatic to pull a card like that Konerko. Looks like a heckuva box!