Monday, November 9, 2015

Transatlantic triple breakdown

As you all know by now, Brian from subjective and arbitrary has joined the box breaking fun we've been having with Matt. Now don't worry, everything's been going just fine between Matt and I, but sometimes you need to spice things up in order to maintain a little spark. Congratulations Brian, you're that spark.

The whole point of those breaks is first and foremost to have fun opening packs of cards, but also to accumulate trade bait for the blogosphere. So far, we've been having a ton of fun, but we haven't really hit it big yet. And my end of the break is no exception. Some nice cards are coming my way courtesy of Brian and the few boxes he picked, and I feel bad that I can't send anything substantial in return. But alas, such are the laws of box breaking. Maybe I should choose my boxes better, though, there's room for improvement ! I've really been striking out on early 2000s boxes, despite drooling on the checklist and its possibilities. I suppose that's the key word....(possibilities, that is. Not drooling. Drool is never a key word in anything).

Anyway, this short post to show off what Matt pulled for me in his 2014 PANINI (!!!!) Classics box. I'm not too impressed by Solarte, but it sure is a nice looking card, with that pinstripe to top it. And as I said the other day, the Big Hurt relic was his, as he had the White Sox (we drafted teams this time instead of going NL vs AL, or attributing divisions). But instead of having the card cross the ocean twice, he let me have it right away. That's how couples last : kindness and understanding.


  1. I was a little disappointed with our Classics box. It was one of the poorer ones I've seen. Oh well, plenty more Panini to choose from next time :)

  2. Big Hurt is looking good - I like that design!

  3. Drool is definitely an underused word, but I think it has some value My favorite craft beer is called "Moose Drool." It's too bad I can't send liquids through the mail.

  4. You seem to understand the importance of keeping your relationships fresh and lively. I'm waiting to see if this turns into a fun new twist of Sister Wives.