Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Supreme de Blue Jay

Five Star, Museum Collection, Supreme, Tier One, Tribute, Triple Threads, Dynasty...I tend to see those as one same and giant overpriced product (Dynasty being in a league of its own). And since never in my right mind will I consider buying a box of any one of these (too much stress, not enough money, and it simply isn't any fun), I end up buying here and there what I need for my collection.

Because I'll admit it : those are beautiful cards.
And I think they did a really good job on this year's Supreme design. A nice mate finish and stylish die-cutting.
This here could be a reverse box, as I picked two cards off Ebay. And each box of 2015 Supreme contains 2 cards (2 autos). At $70 per box, it's an affordable lottery ticket, but still the lottery. When doing a real reverse box, I understand that you spend on cards what you'd spend on a box, without the element of surprise, by definition. I did not feel like spending $70 on a couple of cards. Instead, I spent $5 for the two cards combined. The fact that they are not numbered helps keep the prices very low. There's even a Delgado one that exists (and an Alomar), and I'm sure I can get it for cheap.

So there you go ! I'm quite happy with those

Yeah, that auto is kinda ridiculous, even more from up close...


  1. Supreme is so much nicer this year. They listened and went with a more basic design with on card autos. The crazy gold from the last couple of years was not very appealing.

    Very nice pickups my friend!

  2. I totally agree with your spending policy! I try to do the same with my ebay purchases and I think it is much more satisfying...