Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trade post : Better than Beckett

A few months ago, Dan from It's like having my own card shop offered to send out some beat up vintage cards. I raised my hand, offered to pay for the stamps, he said no way and just sent out the cards to me, even though he had no idea (I suppose) who I was. Gotta love the blogosphere.
Anyway, it took me a while, but I sent him a few cards as a thank you. And to thank me for my thank you, Dan sent me yet another batch of great cards. Now, it's natural that I have to send more D-backs his way, as a thank you for his thank you for my thank you. It's the polite and normal thing to do. It's that kind of behavior that allows me to blend perfectly into the realms of high society.

Really, really nice relic of Bautista ! The lack of logo isn't too much of a problem for me on those National Treasures sets. I wonder if that wouldn't be a Pirates jersey though, doesn't look like Toronto colors to me.

Shiny Stromans ! Might as well get as many as possible while he's injured. The 2015 Topps is actually the foil parallel, which means I needed it ! The Topps Chrome is from Topps chrome update. I did not know that existed.

Modern (annoying) parallels and more welcomed additions to the team PC. That yellow one is the first I've seen of its kind.

Mini !

 Cards from 2005...this has got to be the Bermuda triangle of baseball cards. Lots of cardboard were thrown into it, but none came out. Such a strange period.

 Cool Carters !

Nothing beats the 90s. NOTHING. That Halladay is actually very, very shiny, and the Finest is a refractor, back when it meant something.

Thanks again for all those great cards, Dan, you really sent a little bit of everything.And it turns out that I particularly enjoy a little bit of everything !


  1. Daniel always seems to put great packages together. Those Carters are sweet.

  2. coffee or tea, Mr. High Society? ;) fun stuff! I like a bright yellow border! Makes me all happy inside.

  3. -Note to self.......If I send you enough National Treasures you will be converted to a full fledged PANINI lover!

    Great stuff from Daniel. I like the Stromans!