Sunday, May 10, 2015

Let's look at lots of lots

One of my favorite Ebay sellers (ie one who offers low international shipping charges) had some items I was interested in for some of you guys. As is often the case in such occasions, I'll browse to see if there's anything I may want to add to my collection to lower shipping charges (that would be the title of my autobiography : lowering shipping charges. It'd be a very sad and uneventful autobiography). For once, he was offering some lots. When all was said and done, each card came out to about .15cts shipped. This may just be a record. The randomness of the sets involved may be another record.

Let's get the basketball portion over with, with that cheap sticker auto of one of two former Knick players trying to help Lebron advance to the conference finals

So those are the silver parallel versions of those 97 Spx cards. Even though it's a little too much (and in the 90s, that's saying a lot), I still like those cards. Strangely enough, the Andrew Jones card doesn't have a 3D hologram that creepily looks at you when you turn the card.

 Those are very shiny refractor cards

Yup, still very shiny, still refractors.

There were 7 more of those, that I got mainly for the couple of Blue Jays prospects. But I'm glad to see that there's Carlos Rodon in there, even though I had no idea who he was 10 days ago when I won the auction.

This set is so boring...took it because there were some players for fellow bloggers (sorry) and a Bautista.

Topps Tek ! I don't know if it's because I'm not very smart, or just because I don't want to spend time taking notes trying to understand a set, but those types of sets confuse me. Do people actually purposely try to complete those ? I like the way they look and feel (aaaaah, acetate and plastic), and I wouldn't mind chasing a few autos, but the different backgrounds and parallels are just plain silly. Wave, SPiral brick, Spirals, Grid, Laser ice, shatter, Circuit board, Pipes, Cracked ice, Zig zag, Stripe, shatter stripe... and parallels: Gold, Ice Disco, Clouds, Black & White, Red Storm, Blue dots, Charcoal galactic (say what ?)

So I got Spiral veterans and retired

And grid (let me check...Yup, those are Grid) mix of players :

Next up, more shiny (very shiny) refractor cards, this time from Bowman reprints. Part of me wants to hate those (chrome, blue, refractors...Blah), but who am I kidding, I think they look great ! And until I can add the original cards, this will do.

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  1. The funny thing about PANINI CLASSICS is that the base set actually looks pretty nice. Plus it has one of the best checklists featuring some obscure pre war players.