Monday, May 18, 2015

Papoy walks the plank : a box break

Matt already showed off his part of our box break, so now it's my turn.

The subject : a box of Topps Turkey Red.
The outcome : I won
Consequence : it's ok, we're still friends, s'all good.

The only relic to come out of the box. They promised two, so we feel a little cheated. I always seem to catch some White Sox relics in our box breaks.

Here's the big hit of the box. Probably the biggest player you can hope a parallel of. It's weird because even though the base card is an SP, the parallels aren't. Go figure. It still sells for about $20, so that's not too bad.

What those 5 cards have in common, besides the Delgado and the Big Unit being really cool cards, is that those are short prints (seeded 1 in 4)

I don't know how to put a color background here, so you'll just have to squint to see that those are white bordered parallels.

The red stands out just fine enough ! There's one per pack. It's the Topps Gold of Topps Turkey.

 All in all, I like that set. Some stand out, like that Matsui and Vladdy

The checklist includes old timers, but not too many either.

The checklists depict nice action shots.

But sometimes....

sometimes you get Tigers players who really look creepy. Kenny Rogers' smile creeps me out, and there's something very wrong with Maroth's white teeth. Brrr

Thanks again Matt for those fun box breaks, and I'm looking forward to the next one, as always !


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head about this set. At first glance I was like "hey this is really nice." After a harder look I was more "nice, but not nice enough to buy another box." Some of the cards look out of focus.

    I'm scouring for good deals for our next break. My hope is DIAMOND KINGS!

  2. I bought a ton of Turkey Red when I first broke back into baseball cards around 2005. It's always been one of my favorite retro sets.

  3. I'm torn on these cards too -- just like you. The first time you see them, they are super cool. But they are super cool like the good looking girl in high school who was new to the school was super cool. Once the newness wore off, she was just another face in the crowd and not nearly as cool.