Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We need to talk about Kevin's inserts.

From time to time, I like browsing Comc listings just for fun. And sometimes, I'll add stuff to my cart. And sometimes, I'll have it shipped to me. I'm a very organized man.

Those two are obviously reprints, and I believe Nick talked about them one day. I find them amazing. I want more.

A couple of key RC of players I like. Yay.

And now, for the biggest portion of this month's haul : INSERTS ! For nostalgic reasons (obviously), I'm a big, big fan of all cards from 91 to 96. There's something about them that simply brings me joy. And you can't compete with joy. One of the things that characterized the card world of these days were inserts. Tons of inserts. It was a treat finding them in packs (unlike today, where they're the norm and everywhere), and always jaw-dropping to see their book value (that term really makes me laugh now). Now that I'm a (somewhat) grown man, I can add all those high end (haha) cards to my collection.

It's no secret that my absolute favorite set is 93 UD. And I'm planning on collecting it all, including the inserts. That I love deeply. Look at those beauties. All valued $8 to $15 in 94. How times have changed...

Did I ever mention I love Holograms ? The bottom right one was made by Score. That came as a surprise to me.

Oddballs ! That Nabisco card is great, I need the others from that set. The French text translates like this : "When he came to the Blue Jays in 1977, the way he raised his leg surprised everyone". Okay.

Aaaah, Leaf and that gold foil logo. The second one is actually a gold version of the normal insert. Even though there are no gold versions of any other card in the set.

The Leaf Limited is SN 10 000. And we all went OooooOOooooh at the time.

More 92 and 93 UD inserts. On the back of the On deck card, Robbie advises kids to stay away from drugs and says he'd pick Kirby Puckett to start a team. I agree with one of the two.

Electric Diamonds AND foil everywhere ! No doubt about it, this is 1994.

An insert like only Fleer can think of. They probably had extra blue sky left from their Flair series.

Typical FLeer Ultra. 92, 93 and 94. How insane is that Delgado ? God I love Ultra inserts, can't get enough of those.

And finally, the king of inserts (after UD of course) : Pinnacle. They tried a whole bunch of different stuff. ANd they all worked. In a Pinnacle way, that is.

So there you go. Typical cards from a typical era. I'm excited about 2015 Topps flagship coming out, but I'm even more excited when I get those in the mail.


  1. Someone sent me a stack of those crazy cartoon Nabisco cards a few years back, and I absolutely love them. Love the Robinson and Gehrig reprints as well. I believe I have the complete set of those inserts, but I'm not 100 percent certain.

  2. Cut to the Chase inserts would've been high dollar back in the mid-90s. 94 Pinnacle Museum was my fave parallel set of the 90s. Pretty "junk"!

  3. Replies
    1. doesn't get much better than giant baseballs in the sky

  4. I'm looking for a Bill Lee from that Nabisco set.