Friday, February 13, 2015

Japanese Incarnation

A Japanese ebayer put up an ad for 5 Encarnacion cards (including 2 Bowman Platinum gold I didn't scan because I already had one in my collection) for a couple of dollars. Almost as a reflex, I bid.
And won.
So I bid on a couple more cards to benefit from combined shipping. Turns out the dealer adds $1 per extra card, which isn't really cheap, but ah well, it's my fault, I should read the fine print.

I don't have anything insightful to say about any of those, besides that I find them pretty like a Valentine day flower and that I could clean my computer screen with the size of that first relic.

Mr Dutch Card guy had sent me one similar as my very frst trade (but numbered /50), and I'm glad to add a new Encarnacion Tier One card.

I don't like Bowman (yes, I'm a broken record).But I do like blue borders. This one is SN out of 500.

Already have a couple Arencibia autos, but couldn't pass on an A&G framed mini for a couple dollars.

As a Blue Jays fan, I suppose I shouldn't be buying any Yankees cards. But to tell the truth, I like the Yankees (and the Mets (yes, I'm a mess, I don't make sense)). And I like Gardner. I always have a soft spot for speedy guys who are patient at the plate and simply play the game hard. And come on, for $1.24, it's a steal (HAHAHAHA....herm).


  1. You can never go wrong adding Yankees. They are the second easiest cards to trade behind Dodgers.

    Great bunch of cards you added. I'll make sure to send you a bunch of Bowman and Panini in our next trades!

    1. thanks Matt ! You know me so well, it's scary !
      I'll send you some Marlins and Rays because I know you always need those as trade bait