Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Exchanging BJs (yeah I know, I'm not too proud either)

As you may know, I collect Blue Jays baseball cards. Any player, any year, any brand. Funny thing is, I don't even call myself a hardcore fan. Of course, I follow the players and the team and I'll watch games regularly, but I probably watch as many Dodgers, Pirates, Mets or yes, Yankees games. But the great thing about having a team collection is that it helps focus. And also it helps chase obscure sets and oddballs.

And the more cards you receive from that team, the more duplicates you get. Which is why I reached out to Doug from Sportscards from the dollar store and asked if he'd like some of my Blue Jays dupes that fit his PC. He said sure, let's do this, and before I even had a chance to put a stack together for him, a package was in my mailbox full of Blue Jays and Knicks. Here are the ones I actively needed for my collection :

This is a 1989 Mini UK card. Which must mean it was distributed, or meant to be, in the UK. In any case, it's the first time I'd heard about it.

A nice mix of cards, including an 83 Topps I was missing, two veterans and a couple of vey promising youngsters.

Another Aaron Sanchez, this time from this year's Update series. My very first one.

Doug had an extra sealed set of 2013 Swing into safety, and was kind enough to send it my way. Among the 32 cards was this mascot card (can't go wrong with mascot cards) and, even more importantly, an Omar Vizquel card as a Blue Jay. The only card showing him in a Toronto uniform, before Topps added him to their 2014 Fond Farewells insert set. Woohooo. Granted, it's weird seeing him in those colors.

Finally, some Knicks cards, including a very nice Shumpert, numbered 11/25.

Thanks a lot Doug for the cards and for a great mix. I'll have some for you in the mail real soon !


  1. Ace looks pretty menacing in that picture.

  2. Fun fact about that Carmelo card- it's part of a record that may not actually be a record. It is the Christmas day jersey, worn only once of course, that also appears on the 2012-13 Past & Present base card. That makes it the only single-game jersey to appear on more than one card that I know of. However, I've not seen every card ever made, so there may be others I just have not come across yet.

  3. Love that Omar Vizquel. I have to keep my eyes peeled for a copy of that one.