Friday, February 6, 2015

Cheating across the pond

A week ago, John from Pursuit of Red Sox sent me an email asking me if I'd be willing to be on the receiving end of some Blue Jays cards he had around. Just because, I suppose, I look like a swell guy (I am. If only because I use the word 'swell'). I answered yeah, sure, I'm always looking to trade, except I hardly have anything left Red Sox wise, since I send all my hits to Mark Hoyle. No problem, he says, he's not looking for a return package, he just wants those cards to find a nice, warm and welcoming home (I am very warm and welcoming, despite being French). John is from the UK, and it's always nice to find fellow European collectors. It's also nice to see there are no grudges left from 700 years  of bickering for God knows what reasons, but it was probably our fault to begin with.

So today I was looking at a healthy stack of 40 cards, of all brands and years, most of which found a place in my binders. Here's a small sample :

The 2002-2005 period is really a grey area for me in terms of collecting. I've been back in the game for 8 months now, and all the different sets from those years still make my head spin. Seems like I'm discovering new ones every week. It's the case with that Donruss Fan Club.

And with those Upper Deck cards. Standing O, with a giant baseball and a miscut photo ? Really Upper Deck ? But hey, it's still a Delgado card.

I have no idea what that Mlb Showdown card is all about (damn you, year 2002). Looks like some kind of game, obviously, but I can't imagine anyone playing it. Maybe it's like Magic cards ? And since I've never, ever understood those either, it makes sense that their grasp is beyond me. I'm not a very smart person.

 Blue Jays players don't always have cause for celebration. Let's give them that moment. They're just celebrating a walk-off 11th inning HR from a september regular season game against Boston, but hey, a win is a win.

I had no idea there was a Hobby Reserve parallel set to 97 Score. Those medallions are a tad distracting...

This is technically a Blue Jays card (it's on my official checklist and the name is on the front).But still, it looks weird. I think my criteria for what constitutes a Blue Jays card will from now on be to see the player in a Blue Jays uniform.

Finally, the Clou du spectacle (yes, that's French). An incredible Halladay patch, 3 colors and all. Just like that. Just because I'm swell.

John, thanks a lot for your generosity, and expect some Red Sox cards real soon, I'm sure Mark won't mind my infidelity.


  1. Replies
    1. Sure is : Hatfields and McCoys would never have taken it this far if they had swapped cards.

  2. Don't mind at all. John and I have swapped Sox cards before.

  3. We really need to get the word "swell" back into the vernacular.

    P. S. -- I played MLB Showdown almost every day when I was a kid!