Monday, February 2, 2015

Disguised bitterness and Ebay mail day

Well, the results for the Bip awards are in and....I made (distant) second. I'm a little disappointed, I won't lie (it's not my fault, I just need to feel loved), but then again, I should've handed out flyers, or made a commercial or something, instead of just waiting for people to vote. I could've reached out to my 1 800 friends (yes, I'm a popular guy. It doesn't really show here because I collect baseball cards of Blue Jays players, I know) on Facebook, for crying out loud. What a dork.
All (half) joking aside, congrats to Tony, it's amply deserved ! Maybe I'll lobby for a 'Most Improved Blog' entry next year and try my best to make it this time (yeah right), as I don't see what kind of other selection I might make...or, as Matt suggested, I should lobby for 'Best blog about Blue Jays and Knicks cards in English from a French speaking dude'. THEN I'd have a chance.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, today's mail day brought me some ebay auctions. I like buying from Chinese or Japanese sellers, as they often offer affordable international shipping fees (between $3 and $5), and I don't have to worry about the horrendous Global shipping program. I'm especially fond of card lots, which is exactly what I got there.

This is typical of a card I get only because there's Delgado on there.Not that I don't like the other players, but let's just say I don't really care about them. It's silly to add a card that's shared with 2 others and includes a tiny photo , but hey, it's the joys of a team collection !

My first Jose Cruz Jr auto, and it's on card and I love it and I'm so sad he got injured and was all hype etc etc etc. I also like the fact that's it's from 98, before the hobby world really got auto crazy (ok, right at the moment when it was, actually, since Leaf Signatures series was already out)

Besides those two, there were some framed minis. Which is the greatest invention since baguette. I got them because they were cheap enough and because I love the way they look, regardless of the player. I think I'll be able to redo my floors one day with all those bat pieces.

Some of those will probably eventually end up in some of your collections, that's also why I like buying random lots !


  1. I like buying lots like that when the opportunity presents itself. My luck is always looking at sellers other items to save on shipping.

    Sorry about your Bip Award loss. If they add my category you will win for sure.

  2. ;( sorry you're a loser...I'm mean...that you lost the BIPper. ;) if it would make you feel better, perhaps you could put the V Martinez patch away for me. Your blog really is one of my faves. SO glad we hooked up!