Monday, October 30, 2017

The results are's a box break !

My two partners in crime showed their end of the box break held by Brian, yesterday, and now it's my turn (I'm just fashionably late). As you know by now, Brian picked a box of 2017 Stadium Club. Caring mainly about base cards myself, needless to say that this was a real treat to me ! Now that prices have gone down, I absolutely need to net a box for myself. That set is simply too amazing to pass.

First off, the autos. I have no idea who Hazelbaker is. But that's the case with most SC autos. Brian pulled this Morales auto from another box he bought for himself, and he was kind enough to forward it to me. I didn't know they did sticker autos in SC, but it's still real cool, and there are only 10 copies of that parallel ! I was looking through my cards earlier today, and is it me, or was his first name Kendry at the beginning of his career ?

Some inserts with a world series feel to them. Well, to Seager, that is, Urias is in triple A. The Seager is one of those annoying parallel inserts.

 More parallels ! I honestly don't really see the point in these, but I guess they come with any card territory now.

 This one I like, though. Chrome is always a nice addition, plus Arenado is a player I follow closely.

I had absolutely no 2017 Stadium Club (maybe a contact sheet insert but that's it), so those are very welcomed. I like that red jersey, and the photo choices are good.

More Blue Jays. I think I only need a couple more for the team set (Stroman and Morales)

And now, for some favorites from what I got in the break :

 That Ted Williams is amazing, and it doesn' t get much better than those orange uniforms.

 That Gehrig card would make a great framed poster

And finally, more horizontal greatness

Thanks Brian, another great choice of boxes and another huge success !

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