Sunday, October 1, 2017

Nothing but vintage

I missed adding vintage cards to my collection, so I took care of that craving this summer. I already showed the 1960 Mantle, but that wasn't all. It was, by far, the major purchase (as a rule, I do not spend more than $10 on an auto, $8 on a relic or $50 on a vintage beat up card for my own collection. This does not apply to cards I pick for my trade partners), but I added a few needs from my unorganized want list.

I probably know more about the history of baseball than your average person (and way, way more than any average French person), but I'm very far from an expert, despite numerous books I've read on the subject and documentaries I've watched. I know about the superstars from the past, but not always about the semi-stars or noteworthy players. Johnny Pesky is one of those. I read about him in the book The Teammates, and immediately decided I wanted one of his cards. A 1951 Bowman is always a nice place to start. It scanned a little bit weird and the condition is actually better than it looks here. And for $3 I can't complain.

A couple Mets for my PC, and some gold glovers I got for $3 a pop. I really don't mind the pen on that 1961 Kaline

Those cards came from the same seller as the 1960 Mantle. I was hoping to save on shipping, but he didn't offer combined shipping. He ended up sending 6 different PWEs with one card in each. The Mize is severely wrinckled, but still a cool 1952 Topps of a major NY player who apparently was very laid back. My kind of guy. An a HOFer (voted in by the veteran's committee, but it still counts !). Aparicio is, along with Brooks Robinson, the main "vintage" player I collect because of their defensive prowess. The great thing about Aparicio is how cheap his cards actually are. A HOFer's 1956 RC for $6.5, even off centered with water damage is always a great deal

With those acquisitions, I now have half of Brook Robinson's Topps base cards from his playing days. Yay !

I normally send all Pirates to Matt, but I needed some Stargells for my HOF project (to have one card of each HOFer's playing days voted by the Writer's association). I like that horizontal one a lot.

 I bought this one with the Pesky to save on shipping. For the sole reason that I liked it. It's in perfect shape too.

Rod Carew would normally be shipped out to Brian, but same as for Stargell : HOF ! The card is incredibly blurry though, I wonder if they all are. Billy Williams is a HOFer I know very little about. I'll need to look into him (Nick could probably write about him for thousands of words !)

So there you go, a little bit of every thing from over the years. Quite happy with that haul !


  1. So many awesome cards to comment on. I'll go with the final card. That's a sweet action shot of Mr. Williams!

  2. nice mix of players and teams! Don't worry I have a copy of that Carew.

  3. Stellar pickups there. The Mize is actually one of the extreme few '52s I own. The Aparicio RC has been on my want list for a long time now, he's one of the few vintage-era HOFers whose cards are actually kinda affordable.

  4. Once you start adding vintage, YOU really start adding vintage! This a really great selection of cards. The Bowman Pesky and Aparicio RC are my personal faves.

  5. The Vintage Bug. It's been biting me hard lately. I more drawn to pre-1979 cards with each passing DAY! You added some great cards. How selfish! ;)