Thursday, October 5, 2017

A box break can sometimes be a blown save

It was my turn for our Transatlantic triple break with Brian and Matt (we need to find a cool jingle, Community-style like Troy and Abed). Boxes from this year have been out of our price range (thanks Aaron and Cody) so I looked into older boxes. And I don't know why, but I always get suckered in by early 2000s checklists, even though odds are against me. Maybe we're spoiled today with our guaranteed hits per box, I don't know. I picked 2002 Leaf, and the result was far from spectacular. Most hits went to my friends, but I have to admit the inserts were kinda cool. Far from what they had going in 97 and 98 (you lazy people), but still way above the base cards.

My sole 'hit'. Yeah, sorry, it's blurry, but it's actually quite shiny !

At least I got a couple of PC cards. I think the cards were designed in about 3 minutes, and the photos chosen in 30 seconds. Some are actually blurry for real.

 This one I needed for my Blue Jays collection

I always find it annoying when a player is shown in his old uniform, but the card bears his new logo. You never know where to put those : Mets or Tigers binder ?

So *cough* yeah, that's all I can show from the break. I open boxes because it's fun. I really (really) never care about resale value (I've never sold a card in my life) or about hits. My problem with 2002 Leaf is that it wasn't that much fun. Not much excitement at all. And I've found it's the case with a lot of products from the early 2000s. I really need to stick to the 90s and cards from 2015 onward. But there are so, so many sets I don't know about from 2000-2008 that I can't help but be a little curious. But it's always come back to bite me so far.

Anyway, a couple of days later, I received my COMC order. A lot of great handpicked stuff in there if I may say so myself !

I'm not that far from having all of Griffey base cards from major flagship brands. Those I added because of The Junior Junkie's posts. I'll never own any of Griffey's rarer cards (too expensive for me and not committed enough) but when base cards are as cool as those, it still makes me very happy.

Most of the cards I picked up next are numbered inserts of PC guys. Ironically, a lot of Donruss/leaf in there too. 1997/1998 were crazy years for card collectors. Too bad I missed out on the action, as I lost interest in 96.

I've read here and there that Andruw was a waste of talent and an overhyped player in the 90s. Maybe for the hype (I wouldn't know, living in France far from Atlanta and the internet in 95 and 96), but I still think he put up great numbers, even in his declining years. I love that die cut job on the UD3

That Leaf card on the left is made of plastic. A fractal materials die cut Plastic X axis to be exact.

A well known insert from Leaf, and I'd never had one in hand. It feels great ! The creative minds at the time were really working full time. I wonder if it'd be considered way too expensive today to conceive that type of card, or the ones that felt like bases, or the ones on wood...

This one I got on Ebay for around $10. I love that retired autograph set !

More Ebay pickups, all from the same seller. The card I really wanted was the first one. I added the others to soften the shipping rates per card. The Matt Harvey has a really cool patch and Chris Sale seemed an interesting pick for just 99cts (the Harvey was $2)

Another Vizquel auto ! I was surprised that my $3 opening bid was enough to secure that card
 You can't collect Bo cards and not own that one. There's a gay-friendly theme to it, undeniably.

More from the Donruss/Leaf masterminds ! The Frank Thomas is all clear acetate and looks great. I was a little disappointed by the Knothole gang. I love the idea, but I don't know, there's something missing.

The banner season Leaf insert of Pat Hengen is one of the cheaper you can find. I feel sorry for those who pulled it from packs. Such a rollercoaster for them. And how can I possibly still be missing Carter inserts ?

This is definitely one of the strangest cards I've ever seen. My very first Pacific Invincible. It's mesmerizing. It's as ugly as it is beautiful. Quite a feat.

Finally, some numbered Jose Cruz Jr inserts. The great thing about Jose Cruz is that he was the new face of the Blue Jays around those years and a very hyped rookie. Which means he was in all those crazy inserts from the late 90s. And considering the career he had, needless to say that those are very, very affordable. Still great cards !


  1. Lots of great stuff. I'll never get tired of looking at 90's Flair Showcase cards.

  2. Mets. I love this trip to the 90s. Diverse to say the least! I still have a package for you...sitting on my hobby table. I'm trying to pull a few more cards together to fill the box completely. You'll have it well before the holidays. (This year...) ;)