Monday, October 9, 2017

A box of 1995 SP

As always, I added a couple more things just for me when I shopped for our box break. Most of what I got was uneventful (8 packs of 2016 A&G with absolutely nothing in them, some Goodwin champs and a couple of packs of 2008 UD football heroes), but the other box was great in my eyes.

Because man, do I love the early UD SP products. I'll never be able to buy a box of 1993 or 1994 (the former goes for $1 700 because of Jeter, the latter for a mere $250 thanks to A-Rod's steroids), but the 1995 version was $35. Perfect for me. And it was highly enjoyable to open. First, because there are 32 packs per box and 8 cards per pack. Second, because collation was great (only a few duplicates, and about 5 or 6 cards shy of a complete 207 card base set). Third, because i love the design and photos.

Very few inserts in that product (only 2, actually, if you don't include parallels), but this one has a nice die-cut design. Nothing spectacular, but I'm happy I got Griffey and Big Hurt. Those are seeded 1:5

The mandatory parallels. Even the hologram at the back is in silver instead of gold.

 Four tribute cards to start the set.

Yay, PC ! That Griffey is one of my favorites in terms of base card. Probably because it looks a lot like the 93 flagship base card. Looks like NL teams got blue borders and AL the red ones.

The reason 95 SP cards are so cheap is because the only valuable rookie is this guy. NOMO MANIA ! Nice die-cut and foil treatment too.

And then you have the usual photography...

Remember when efforts were made for card backs to be also attractive ?

And finally, I was very happy to pull one of these, seeded 1:75. I could've done much worse also player wise, with a 48 card checklist. My 1995 Beckett tells me it's worth $80. It must be true, then !


  1. I'm surprised the the 94 version still goes that high even with Arod. I guess the small chance you get a foil Arod drives the price high.

  2. Solid break. I don't think I opened any of this stuff back in the day. I think I spent most of my money on the basketball counterpart. Congratulations on pulling that Maddux. When you combine those odds with the number of players on the checklist... that's a pretty hard to find card of him.

  3. Tons of great photos in this set, especially Rod Beck in boxing gloves.

  4. $80? Yeah, tough pull back in the day. Are you building the set?