Monday, January 16, 2017

I fought the 90s and the 90s won

As anybody who's been paying even remotely attention knows, I'm a 90s guy. I enjoy the newer aspects of the hobby (ie not having only a 1:20 000 chance of getting an autograph), but I'm all for the nostalgia of days past and for the craziness of card manufacturers (a time where there were more than 1 licensed, that is). So it's quite naturally that I looked at my Blue Jays checklist and decided to grab some 90s inserts that were missing in my collection. As always in that case, I turned to COMC who offer unbeatable flat shipping rates to international destinations (that would be my case). Let's hope Trump doesn't ban overseas shipping altogether just because he doesn't like our cheese.

Aaaah, first day issues. I wonder if today all cards are first day issues ? I also really liked those Bowman previews. I had the Albert Belle and the PIazza (great cards) and was missing the lone Blue Jay.

No more than 6500 Gold stars produced, says the back. Impressive.

 There were definitely some great players to collect in 93-96 when you were a Blue Jays fan ! Some good looking Pinnacle inserts there. The Cooperstown one actually looks like something Upper Deck could've designed

Didn't get much better than SP in those days, and Holoview in particular. Always nice to see Delgado as a catcher.

I really liked Leaf back in the days, especially their inserts. They seemed to be the most inventive of all (well, Pacific being in a league of their own, of course)

And of course, I had to grab some Joe Carters...I already have many of his, but I still managed to find some cool ones I was missing.

 A hologram !

 Those Stadium Club inserts are awesome. If you look closely, you'll see that those are the Members only versions. I took them because they're pretty much priced the same as the normal ones.

This one I got on ebay. Those signature series are a little confusing and frustrating, as you have few players who sign a lot of cards. I still like that 95 SC a lot, and Green was a favorite of mine, so I'll try to chase a few. Especially since he's not really a big name and some of those cards are very low numbered


  1. Nice! The 90s were a magical time for inserts.

  2. Damn... those Stadium Club inserts are awesome! The Green is nice too.

    P.S. I'm totally with you on the 90's thing. When it comes to inserts... it's hard to beat the ingenuity from that era.

  3. That was definitely the era of the insert card. I can still easily recall the designs of some of my favorite insert sets from the 90's. Can't really say that about today's cards.

  4. Wow, those last two Carter's blew my mind!

  5. I love picking up 90s stuff now. Cheaper of course! Leaf and Pinnacle inserts were my favorites. I need to check out COMC, havent been there in a while. I have $$$ sitting there.