Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another Transatlantic triple break (part 45379)

It's time for a new presentation of my favorite game show : Transatlantic Triple Break with Matt and Brian !

The participants this time were a box of 2004 Bowman and one of 2000 Finest. I didn't own any Blue Jays from those sets, so it was a great choice for me.

I had no idea inserts existed also in a refractor version. Pretty cool. I'll never get used to Boggs in that uniform...

More inserts, and a couple base cards. I've always liked Finest, even if it's a little over the top sometimes.

Speaking of which, that box topper is also mine ! Supersized Pedro is always scarier.

And finally, some much needed Blue Jays for my collection. I'm reading David Well's biography right now...and it's quite something !

Onto Bowman, with its combination of chrome, base and parallels. Here are the Blue Jays

The people at Bowman wanted to make sure I got as many variations of Youkilis as possible. Base, chrome, gold and refractor.

Now, for the trade portion of the package !

I don't know if that auto was IP or TTM, but it's definitely legit. And I love the choice of the card also.

Brian sent me some great cards once again, but this one is my favorite : 1969 Aparicio !

A great variety of PC players !

I love that Moon card. It's acetate, which allows you to have a great view of my table underneath it.

And finally, some modern Blue Jays (and a very cool Ultra insert feat Jose Cruz jr), including my first taste of 2016 Bowman's Best. I should have a closer look at that set, actually, I like what they did with the base cards.

Thanks again Brian, can't wait to see what you pick next !


  1. That Frank White basketball insert is phenomenal. With as popular as it is to rehash designs so far this decade, doing some more cross-sport mashups like that would be a welcome injection of life.

  2. I was relieved that Bautista re-signed with Toronto, I was worried that all those Joey Bats cards would be bittersweet.

    1. hehe..I actually think it's a little overpaying him, but hey, he's clutch...thanks again for the break !

  3. Hard to turn down Finest. Always fun to see what you guys are breaking next.

  4. Are you going to bust Trancendent next Kevin?