Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Box Break : 95 SC (here comes the Ring leader)

Like many of you, Stadium Club is one of my favorite sets to collect. I don't think there's been a single mistake in any of the SC sets across the years, including their debut set (remember that big Kodak logo ? Nobody remembers Kodak anymore...). Which shows that the people at Topps know exactly what great uncropped photography should look like...

Anyway, I got a box of 1995 SC a few months ago packed with everything I love about Stadium Club !

Nice clear acetate of one of my favorite players from that era. Pretty cool insert.

Another great looking insert (I showed the Joe Carter the other day). Griffey would've been a better pull though !

Ooooooh, coooool, 3 units ! I must find a phone in the US and try this out. Those are actually very tough pulls, so I was lucky to get it. 20 years too late, sure....I wonder if this counts as a Blue Jays card ?

And of course, SC as I said is all about original and crisp photography. Here's proof !

There may be a future HOF in that bunch

And probably not in this one...

Another fun 90s box to break !


  1. Rafael Belliard for HOF!! LOL Yeah I would like to see Walker get in, but I doubt it'll be without a ticket..

    Speaking of which.. Love the Expos cards!

    That Alomar/Steinbach card is really cool too..

  2. Those Clearcuts were so awesome! I loved them.

  3. of course, now I need a box of these. There were some well-designed cards back in the day. 90s nostalgia for me.