Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All the minor leagues that are fit to print : another trade post

After the package sent by Matt, it's about time I showed the one sent a couple of months ago by my other good friend and partner in triple break crime : Brian, from Highly subjective.

For this break, Brian chose some Topps Debut. I got the boxe's main hit (the patch card), a cool low numbered Mookie Betts (01/25) and a couple of guys I've actually heard of. Because I have to admit I don't follow baseball close enough to know everything (or anything, for the matter) about the minors, nor to know exactly who made it or not. But hey, cards have always been a way for me to learn more about players !

As always, the box break was completed with trade fodder :

A numbered JR Smith. His bloopers sometimes make more noise than his plays (let's just say he's not always the smartest apple in the batch), but he's still a very talented player. And there's nothing not to love about those 3 football cards (Museum !)

Since Brian knows I can't find packs of cards where I live, he'll sometimes include a few unopened ones. Always awesome to rip packs ! I see those Babe Ruth for cheap online all the time, maybe I'll grab a box one day, they're pretty fun.

PC players, including a nice shiny Rolen and my first 2016 Stadium Club. I really hope to find some boxes within my price range (around $50) someday in the near future.

 100% certified 90s cards ! Alomar, even in an Orioles uniform is still Alomar !

More 90s greatness. I love those SP cards. I seem to remember those inserts were pretty tough to come by, and packs very expensive to begin with (maybe not as expensive as 93 Finest, but still)

A couple of pitchers. One is shiny refractory, the other had an amazing career.

 Some nice Heritage inserts and your usual white modern patch (I need to check if Arencibia is still around)

And finally, just like that, a Brett Cecil Yellow printing plate ! Always amazing to get one in a trade. Brian actually pulled it from a pack, so yay, lucky me.

Thanks a lot Brian, and I still need to show off the cards I received yesterday...the cards just keep coming, it's Christmas everyday. Woohooo


  1. I forgot about that Mookie Betts. That was a really nice pull. That was cool Brian pulled the Blue Jay plate. It feels like it has been a long time since I pulled a good card for either of you.

  2. I have to refresh the trade box for again for next time, I think you've got all my unwanted Rolens!

  3. i wonder if i could exist in a land with no baseball cards available to me - or no baseball period. sounds like a good place for card rehab. probably what i need.