Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Subjective part of the triple break

I believe Brian showed those on his blog already, but it's always nice to remind the world what a nice thing we've got going, Matt, Brian and I, and how much fun those box breaks are. And I'm not saying this because I often end up with very nice cards !

Never heard of Robertson, but it's still a numbered ( /99) green parallel !

 Ooooh, a nice dual auto just for me ! And it's numbered out of /50, which is always a plus. I don't know if it's its real worth, but there's one on Ebay that sold recently for $80. Not bad at all.

The usual Blue Jays suspects and prospects. Pretty cool dual Guerreros.

As always, Brian was his usual very cool self and included something extra just for my pretty eyes.

 Fan favorites on amazing 90s cards. I really love that PInnacle card, I'm sure I could perfect my tan just by looking at it.

Can't go wrong with orange parallels and with Sports Illustrated cards. I really wish I could open a box of that product one day (at a reasonable price, I mean). And yeah, that Delgado card reads 'New York Mets' and the patch islikely from a NY uniform, but 1/ it's Delgado so I don't care and 2/ he's in a Blue Jays uniform on the picture, so it still counts as PC !

That first Griffey is absolute perfection. Like many, I also have a soft spot for Leaf numbered inserts, and Total bases has always been a favorite of mine. I just love the way they feel.

We close out that very nice and well rounded trade package with more SI goodness and....a basketball card ! Not every day I get some of those.

Thanks a lot Brian !


  1. Wow that dual auto is quite the pull. Rodgers was the Rockies' first rounder last year (3rd overall) and in a draft class full of really good shortstops he arguably had the highest ceiling.

    Dahl is a good prospect in his own right too. But with the Rockies being the Rockies, you know they're going to mess it up. Somehow, someway, they'll mess it up.

    1. I obviously did not know that...thanks for the details !

    2. I love that card. I've tried to win the Pirates version of Glasnow/Meadows, but it is crazy expensive. Maybe you should sell it to get a Griffey auto!

  2. Really exciting to pull that card, and I was really happy that I could send it to one of you guys!