Monday, June 20, 2016

Supertrading high five : crunching numbers

This post is a double thank you (two is an easy number to crunch). First off, to Wes for once again hooking me up with great Blue Jays cards. All the ones I'll be showing here are cards that I needed for my collection, which says a lot ! My second thank you goes out to my friend Matt (Bob Walk the plank, of course), who's been serving as a port transit which allows me to be part of the Supertrading experience. This type of solidarity, coupled with everybody's generosity, really means a lot to me and shows how special and unique the blogging community is. We are all such beautiful nerds...

Anyway, Wes sent one of his trademark packages, ie filled with numbered parallels and inserts, autos and, well, just a little bit of everything wrapped in awesomeness.

Not one...not two...not three...not four...but yes, absolutely, six different autos. This would be perfect for a Sesame Street segment.

 All parallels, (almost) all numbered. Always great to add some Big Hurt as a Blue Jays.

Sweet Delgado patch ! And an encased Pristine numbered card. Encased cards always look nice. But only when they come with that Topps seal. Otherwise they're just silly with their grades, just like in school. And I hate to think that my cards can have low self esteems just because the teacher gave them a 3 or a 4 simply because they had fun instead of staying locked up all their lives.

 Cards from that era right here right now. The Reyes is numbered /50, and that Topps Romero up there looks very weird without the name plate. I'll add it to my binder and label it an error !

More numbered cards, including the Wells, except it's on the back. You'll just have to trust me on that one.

Oooooh, 90s ! Yay ! I love those Press Proof parallels. It's funny, but it's easy for me to hate Clemens, but not Canseco. Canseco is just too lovable.

And finally, some 80s oddballs, and one of those gorgeous 84 Donruss.

Another package from Wes, another great bunch of cards to sort and have fun with. Thanks again !

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