Thursday, June 30, 2016

Close call

Phew, that was I received my 2014 Bowman Chrome box, that I picked for our transatlantic box break. Another day and it'd marked the first time since I came back into the collecting world that I did not add any cards to my collection in a whole month.

I'm slipping.

There was a good deal on that box on a French website (the lone website here that sells cards, actually), as it was $80 instead of the 110/120 you find on the Internet. That's what happens I suppose when there's a possibility (very remote) of finding a Bryant auto.

I'm very happy I didn't pay over $100 for it. It was a fun box to break, though I'm not used to 4 card packs, but the cards are shiny, the refractors too and the inserts are crazy. Plus, there were 2 on card autos guaranteed per box, which made it a good candidate for us.

The autos look nice, but they're basically of nobodys (Kenny might confirm). The great hit in the box was that Solarte printing plate. First time ever I've gotten a printing plate in a pack, so that's exciting ! His stint as a Yankee was very short, but it's still on my pile, as I had the AL East. I also get the O'Neill auto.

Refractors and inserts ! The Trumbo is numbered out of 75 and is also mine (very sorry guys, I wish the box had been a little more balanced). Bowman sure went all in with the die-cutting there, and I won't be one to complain.

I hardly ever buy Bowman products because I don't know squat about prospects, but I have to admit the experience wasn't that bad ! But at close to $1 per card, I'll definitely wait for deals to come up before I commit


  1. Out of the Bowman products Bowman Chrome is arguably the worst ever year. Less cards, pretty bad autograph checklist, you'd be better off just buying singles while sticking to Bowman and Bowman Draft for the best bang for your buck.

    Anyway it's Bowman Chrome so yes, you got nobodies. I could be wrong but Rosa might be out of baseball at this point. That said if you're moving the O'Neill autograph I could use it in my collection.

    1. I'll be very happy to send it your way ! Duly noted for Bowman and Bowman draft !

    2. Thanks Kevin. I've got a package that I've been working on for you in the works. I'll send it out soon as well.

    3. Kenny if you want to ship it to me I can send it to Kevin next time I send him something. Might save you a few bucks.