Monday, May 30, 2016

A day to remember (bad pun intended)

Yeah, I'm making a crack at a National Holiday pun, I'm not sure I should...ah well...I've got immunity.

Today I received a few trade packages courtesy of my good friend Matt, from Bob Walk the Plank. He forwarded nice packages from Supertrader guru Wes and from Doug (thanks guys !), but more on those another day. Right now I'll focus on the results from our Transatlantic triple break, as this time Matt chose 2016 PANINI Dk. We had a lot of fun opening a couple of boxes of the strong 2015 effort, so I was excited about seeing this year's collection.

Framed parallels, including the Winfield (PC !), numbered to 99, and a certain Mike Trout.

I've been quite lucky with our box breaks, and this time again I got the main hit. A nice low numbered (/25) Mookie Betts auto. Yay ! (sorry guys !)

 Some really cool inserts, and I especially like the two on the right. Considering the year Prince Fielder is having, it's fitting to have him on a mini card.

 And finally, the Blue Jays base cards, and a Bautista (I can hear your booing from here) insert.

I liked the base card design from last year better, but it's never easy to repeat such a success, and PANINI didn't do too bad of a job (for once).

Parallel to our box breaks, we can't help it but we just need to send each other some cards. Just the way our relationship goes. And boy oh boy does Matt know how to round up a nice trade package. And that's the understatement of the year.

I absolutely love those silver framed cards. I pulled one from a pack last year and they're nice and hefty and impressive. Plus, it's the first number ! Wow.

Another set that I love : the A&G mini framed autos. A simple brilliant idea. Edwin is having a slow year so far (as most of the Blue Jays, that is), let's hope his stats pick up at some point.

PANINI did a great job also with those National Treasures cards.  Great looking affordable memorabilia cards, that come with on-card autos. A real beauty !

Great looking on card auto on a high end set from the Blue Jays closer (he was born in 1995...this is depressing).

And BAM ! Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore great cards, Matt surprises me with a certified Big Hurt auto. Just like that. That's the kind of card you never expect to receive in a trade. But I've learned to expect anything from my trading friends in general. I'm speechless (well almost, because PSA/DNA always cracks me up, the DNA part has me wondering if they have CSI experts there).

Thanks a lot Matt, you know how much I appreciate all of those. Now I definitely need to do some shopping...


  1. Wow what a package from Matt! Love those DK inserts

  2. Matt don't play! Great stuff all around. Love the Mookie auto.

  3. Glad they arrived safe and sound. I believe I still have one part of Doug's package that couldn't fit in the envelope. It will be in the next go around.