Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Christams trimester : cards from Julie

Every 3 or 4 monthes, Julie will send me an incredible array of cards, usually in a big box filled with a little bit of everything. She always tries to surprise me (it's always impossible to guess what'll be included in those boxes), and I always feel like a kid on Christmas morning when that happens. Such was yet again the case with that Christmas bombing filled with great spirit, laughter and generosity. This very well sums up what I think of Julie !

This here is a binder. Julie knows how much I love holograms and picked this up for me. I only had a couple from that set, so it's perfect ! And see, it's a limited edition. Of several hundred thousands, but still, it says so on the cover.

Ooooh, sticky pvc pages !

 A couple autographs (on card, mind you) for my Gold glovers Pc. I really like Jim Kaat as a broadcaster, I'll often listen to games on YES.

This here is a jumbo card. And I love jumbo cards. There's a lot of love in that post, actually. And it's also a great looking (giant) card all around of someone we've been talking a little bit about lately.

 More Juniors, all needed ! Can't go wrong with oddballs and cards drawn by 12 year olds...oops, hold on, he's 21. Ah well. It's less cute but still nice.

 More PC ! a bunch of Big Hurts (hologram !) and some Bos, including that Stadium Club black parallel.

Gold Glovers : It's way easier to send me cards I don't have, as I've only been collecting them for a few months, and don't necessarily do everything to add them to my collection. That's why trades are great ! That Mike Schmidt swatch in the middle is really cool. And the Bowman Molina is a refractor.

Might as well get used to seeing Ichiro in a Marlins uniform, as he signed for another one year contract. Obivously Topps only had one photo (photoshoped ?) to work with. The Heritage is numbered to 999.

Kellogg's 3D, one of my all time favorites.

And then, there're absolutely random cards that always crack me up

 I guess Julie sees me that way....sheesh. Then again, she's absolutely right !

A couple of great Vladdys and a couple of bad jokes. Welcome home Justin !

Now, for my main collecting needs :

Plenty of end of the year Blue Jays to work with, including all those parallels (the black one is numbered out of 64). There are even a couple of Chrome Update cards in there, and I seem to understand they aren't that easy to find, so thanks !

And finally, more from 2015 with those Heritage high numbers (needed them all) and a couple Encarnacion Triple Threads (no, you're not seeing double), all of the Amethyst kind.

There were many more (lots of 90s goodness) but those were the ones I needed for my collection !

Thanks again Julie, can't wait for next Christmas, in 3 or 4 months !


  1. Holograms rule! Jealous of that chromey Ichiro. Julie definitely sends some of the most well-rounded packages in the blogosphere.

  2. What a well balanced meal or um trade package. Love the fireworks Griffey in the middle of that scan.

  3. Glad these made you smile, my friend! The 92 Denny's - actually came from my collection. These were some of the first cards I picked up when I began collecting in 93. I started to take the cards from the pages but was afraid I might ruin them. Good luck with that! I wanted you to have them though. You're the a hologram man. ;)