Monday, January 25, 2016

Popularity issues

I finally received some Ebay auctions I won back in November, along with my December Comc purchases (after all, I did have $3 to redeem and save on shipping. So I spent $30. This makes a lot of sense). As usual, there's a little bit of everything, as it reflects my scattered mind when it comes to collecting.

That Eck RC was on my 'important cards to have in your collection' wantlist, so I pulled the trigger. Not a very harmful trigger as you find them cheap. Since I collect Johnny Bench cards (says so on the right side), I absolutely needed that gorgeous '73 Topps. Same thing with Aparicio and that 61 issue. I'm glad I'm not collecting Mantle...

Still trying to get one of each Topps base card for Nolan Ryan. Simply because he pitched for so long and I find the idea amusing. I've also decided to add Winfield to my PC. Based solely on that '78 Topps. Now that's one cool dude (along with an incredible athlete)

I picked this one up because of an article TJ wrote about the Griffey from that same insert set. I'd never seen one in person and was curious, so I took the cheapest one available. Thank you Reggie Sanders for being someone nobody collects.

I'll always grab some 93 UD inserts whenever I'm shopping on Comc. Isn't it kind of strange for them to add a Tim Salmon Ioos 5th anniversary insert  when the original Ioos card is from the same year and set ? Let's commemorate a card from this year ! I kinda liked when Upper Deck did those SP cards...

Woohoo, this completes my Clutch Performers set ! Bonds, Henderson, Clemens...not sure who'd win a popularity contest. I think they'd all be disqualified.

Yeah...don't ask...ok, actually, those two cards I got because I'd won the following one and wanted to lower shipping costs and Comc fees. Still nice patches though that cost me $1 each. I like Joe Flacco and don't really care about the Ravens. Let's hope he recovers from his injury.

 I really like that card. Relics are silly, but the design is nice and I don't have that many with Donaldson as a Blue Jay. It's also low numbered 14/18 which reminds me of WWI.

And finally, a couple of cool on-card autographs from 2015 Supreme. Looks like Delgado is everywhere this year, and that's fine by me.


  1. It is really cool to see Delgado signing. For the longest time his autos carried a premium price because his stuff was limited to a few autos during his playing days.

    Do I need to start finding you Joe Flacco cards?

  2. That Flacco is nice, but also I really dig that Reggie Sanders card.

  3. I don't know what that Reggie Sanders is, but man it's cool!

    1. It's a 95 Donruss Power Alley insert ! SN to 5000 copies and they also exist in a die cut version

  4. I think I just took some Flacco cards out of my collection, I can set them aside for you. Nothing impressive, just base cards.

    1. thanks a lot and I appreciate it, but I really don't collect his cards, I pretty much picked it up at random. The only football cards I semi collect are NY Giants cards