Monday, January 11, 2016

Japanese cards straight from Japan

A friend of mine spent a few weeks in Japan in December, and picked up some packs of cards for me. He had no idea what to look for as he doesn't collect himself (well, he did have some French NBA Upper Deck from the 90s, but things have changed dramatically since), so he simply asked the vendor what were the best cards to bring back.

And here they are.
I know that brand, but not as a card manufacturer, of course.
I have no idea who those players are. My Japanese is non-existent, even though I sell mangas for a living. I do know how to say Bon appetit, though, and that's a plus.

So Kenny, this post's for you !

Those came one per pack and are all nice and shiny. Great Fleer-like design.

and the backs.

And the 6 base cards I got. I don't know much about Japanese, but I'm pretty sure there are 3 pitchers and 3 position players in there ! Unless pitchers start batting, but what kind of upside world would that be ?


  1. That is fun. I need to get more of friends picking up cards for me when they travel abroad.

  2. Nice Sakamoto. He's one of my favorites in the NPB right now.

    These are actually cards that you can play a virtual game on on your cellphones. You just scan the QR codes on the back of the cards and play games. I think (I've never played it myself).

  3. do I see a Tiger there? pretty cool stuff, Papoy!