Friday, January 8, 2016

Late Christmas with Upper Deck : Richard sent me cards

I haven't really been in a collecting mood, lately. Those things happen, they're normal and better for my budget !

That being said, I always enjoy receiving unexpected cards in the mail. Such was the case today with a surprise package from Richard . Richard collects Blue Jays (says so in his website). More specifically (and exclusively now) Joe Carter cards. He has a lot. Not as impressive as TJ's Griffey collection, but then again, Joe Carter wasn't included in every possible insert and oddball set from the 90s. Which is a shame as it'd make my trading life easier, since it's next to impossible to find stuff to send Richard's way now !

Anyway, let's have a close look at what he sent my way, after looking at my want list and trying to find as many mustaches to send my way .

There it is ! the famous Mattingly mustache. I am obsessed with 93 Upper Deck, and those are PC PLUS set needs. Perfect combo. It's amazing I didn't already have those. The Iooss set has always been an absolute favorite of mine for over 20 years (man I'm old).

More 93 UD inserts (flawless), more PC and a couple 'staches. I'd like to see Crime Dog in the Hall, but it's unlikely...

Yeah, I'm a BLue Jays and Big Hurt fan, but it's always very weird seeing him in that uniform. Not as weird as in an A's one, but still. Great looking card of two hall of famers (yay, Upper deck)

Bo ! I like how it's not the usual white patch. Nice, simple design and my first Bo Jackson memorabilia card (yay, Upper Deck)

More PC ! My first Omar Vizquel swatches, and it's always great to add one of a pitcher batting. Especially Maddux.

This was a very fun package to open, Richard, thanks a lot for the late Christmas that was right on time for the New Year ! Those were all much needed for my collection.

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  1. 93 UD boasts many treasures; Then and Now and Iooss Collection are my two favorites.