Sunday, May 1, 2016

How do I love thee, 90's inserts, let me count the ways

Since I had some cards that I had won on Ebay transiting through Comc, I figured I might as well do a little shopping there too. And the one thing I love to use Comc for, is to get inserts I can't have on justcommons or that would be too expensive to buy on ebay if you add shipping charges.
It's no mystery that I'm a 90s guy. I collect modern cards out of curiosity, but they don't get my heart beating as fast as those good ol' crazy inserts from back in the day. As a matter of fact, I've even added '90's inserts' to my PC. It's getting tougher for me to receive Blue Jays common cards that I don't already have, whereas I'm missing a ton of 90s inserts. From any player, any team. I'll never be able to get enough !

Before I get to the heart of the subject, a few cards I need to show off

 My very first 1955 Topps (amazingly enough, this year had escaped me). I figured I might as well get a New York Giants player. The Murray RC was on my wantlist, even in a beaten shape !

 I've fallen in love with Topps Gallery, and they did a good job with those on card autos

Ok, now let's have a close look at those 90s :

 Leaf really put their thinking caps on from 94 onward (see what I did there ? thinking caps....hats off insert...). They had a ton of great ideas, including of course an entire set made of signatures. I had never seen one of those Hats off cards in person and was curious to see how that felt would feel. And it'"s great ! I want more of those. Oh, and adding serial numbers wasn't a bad move either...

 Not as great looking as the 94 Slideshow, but nice acetate nevertheless

More Leaf, this time with plenty of foil and die-cutting. I got it because you have Roger Clemens on the other side with a Blue Jays logo.

 Another great set with plenty of gold foil. Those crazy kids...

Speaking of crazy, Pacific are in a league of their own. Here's their famous Gold Crown insert

Joe ! The Summit is a parallel, in case you were wondering. I didn't even know they existed. I really like that insert in the middle, but then again, there isn't much I don't like from Upper Deck from that era.

 Another marquee insert set, Leaf's Heading for the hall. Not as impressive as the one from the year before, but still very cool and shiny. And numbered to 3 500.
 Yeah, I know, Alomar is in an Orioles uniform, but it's still a very classy card from Score. I don't know if you can tell from the scan, but it's nicely embossed.

And then 98 came around and so did Jose Cruz Jr. He was everywhere, which is very nice for me because this means picking up some cool inserts for cheap (because yeah, spoiler alert, Jose didn't have a stellar career).
 Now THAT'S color ! Then again, it's Circa...

I love that UD Blue Chip Prospects card. It uses the same technique as the 94 Leaf Slideshow. The Statistical Standouts card is far from as impressive as those from the past 3 years, but it still looks pretty nice.

More random cards from 98, this time with a complete lack of foil or coating.

And finally, a pure product of the late 90s. I wasn't collecting then, which means I have many to discover, but this one is just pure...well...either it's genius, or it's a fine example of what happens when you overthink it ! The chair unfolds, of course...

So yeah, I definitely have the 90's bug....can't wait for my next Comc order !


  1. No other decade did inserts better than the 90s. The Circa Jose Cruz is fantastic!

  2. The Cheap Seat inserts are awesome. So over the top. Just by collecting 90's inserts you could have enough blogging material until the year 2145.

  3. Seriously, you're never going to run out of material about 90s inserts - I think my favorite is the crazy colorful "quick strike" card.

  4. You and I might be long lost brothers... b/c I too have a deep love for 90's inserts. Great stuff.