Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Mark Hoyle production

Mark has been sending packages all over the US and more lately, spreading vintage joy throughout the cardosphere © . But not only. Because I've received several generous trade packages from Mark, and not one resembles the other. This one proves it once again !

Mark knows how much I love those In action 72 cards. And he sure delivered

More 72s ! Nice Catfish and McCovey in there

All the following are much needed additions to my collection, and all new to me :

 Oddballs ! I was a big Bobby Bonilla fan 23 years ago. Mainly because I liked the Mets and needed someone to collect.

 I'm extremely happy to add that Mc Griff card ! 90s gems...(well ok, 92 Fleer and 92 Donruss aren't exactly gems, but let me deal with nostalgia the way I feel like)

And finally, more modern cards. Weird that I haden't already received that Bautista in a trade !

Thanks a lot Mark, I already have some Red Sox and Celtics put aside for you !


  1. Those 72s are sweet. 1972 Topps by far is the set build that needs the most help in my collection (covering that decade).

  2. Glad to add to the Jays collection

  3. Mark is so generous. Love receiving cards from him.

  4. I haven't felt well lately. No symptoms other than newly warm feelings towards 92 Fleer. I don't know where to turn for help.