Monday, April 4, 2016

Sometimes trade stacks just fall

So something funny happened on my way to my desk.
I had a pile of cards waiting to be scanned and shown here, and all of a sudden, I decided it would be a good idea to just make it fall. To the ground. Where it all got mixed up. The problem, you see, is that I had several trade packages on that pile. Which means that now I have no idea who sent me what. So I'll just write one post that will include all cards, and apologize to The Italian Completist and to Jeff from I wish they still came with bubble gum who were nice enough to send me all this and whom I can't properly thank !

Ah well.
Those things happen.
That will teach me not to be so far behind on my trade posts. Sorry guys !

Oh, and on a side note, I've been dancing and jumping up and down since yesterday to celebrate the true beginning of spring. It's about time !

 It's always fun to receive oddballs or other objects that have to do with your collection. Here's a spring training ticket from last year !

 Old Topps needs

An on card auto of what appears to be a big prospect, now with the Tigers (in the Norris deal) and more prospects. I really like that hypnotizing Delgado, and this is my first Slurpee coin.

Gold Glovers, Big Hurt, Bo and Winfield ! Some really nice cards in the mix from the last 30 years

 Building those sets one card at a time, thanks to bloggers' generosity

While I'm at it, Matt forwarded me some cards sent to him by Brian from Play at the plate (#SUPERTRADERS). There was also a stack of (awesome) cards sent by Wes, that I'll be showing off in a separate post.
 A little bit of everything there, all are appreciated (yes, even those ugly Classic cards, that actually look better than modern day Donruss. Which says a lot)!

Stickers and a Mets uniform. But it's ok, it's a player I really like and I agree, he looks better wearing Blue Jays colors. Plus, it's the first time I see one of those Fleer Brilliants cards, and they look nice !

Thanks a lot Brian for thinking of me ! And thanks again Matt for serving as the middle man.


  1. The first 3 scans were from me. You did a good job organizing them back. Glad you needed most of them!

  2. This is the very reason I open my trade packages one at a time. I'm scared to death that my desk will eat cards.

    You accumulated some great stuff!

  3. I'm with Matt -- I try to scan everything almost contemporaneously with opening it for fear of getting wires crossed. I then file them into their own folders in my scan folder based on who sent the cards.

  4. I'm lucky in the way I never get more than one trade package in at a time lol.. It also helps that I tend to have more time on my hands than I'd like to..

    I really like those Upper Deck Masterpieces cards.. I may have to look into them.. Another blogger has shown the NHL cards in the same design.

    Of course those Blue Jays at the top.. Love the older Jays cards (though 1977's airbrushing is too distracting for me lol)