Thursday, March 17, 2016

Another successful triple break (damn we're good)

It's my turn (yay) to show off what I got in our Transatlantic triple break. Brian went with 2006 Ovation and 2011 Lineage. I had some teams, they had the others, blablabla. And even though Brian had already sent me an envelope a few days before, he went back to the post office to ship those out ASAP (thank you btw the USPS for increasing by 20% international rates. Really. But there is a way around it by asking for the cheapest option possible. It exists ! Probably called Economy, or something).

Nothing too exciting about the photos, naturally, but the embossed feel is pretty cool. I had no idea there were parallels (the Manny is a gold parallel numbered to 499).

It's always really cool to get some PC inserts in our breaks. Another jersey so-called relic, but I don't care, it's Vernon Wells AND I like the card (but yeah, they really need to look for new ideas now, they've been doing this for 20 years after all).

I opened myself a box of lineage sometime last year, and it really was a blast. A ton of fun inserts and a nice lineup. Too bad they didn't spend a lot of time thinking out the backs of the cards though.

 A giant box topper and some minis ! Probably from the same jersey than the Vernon Wells one...

Shiny parallels !
 The Mick ! the one on the right has a cloth like feel to it, it's really nice. And more inserts.

Brian even managed to find some Blue Jays (woohoo, press proof !)  and a great Ichiro to add to his package

Thanks a lot Brian, always fun to be a part of those breaks !


  1. "probably from the same jersey as the Vernon Wells" - Ha! Now I am picturing Topps having these giant rolls of gray and white fabric, one labeled "HOME" and the other "AWAY" which they use for 90% of the swatches...
    Ovation definitely loses a little of its charm in the scans - the texture is really unique.

  2. Very eclectic bunch of cards. Fun break

  3. I forgot that you got a Werth relic too. That was another well balanced break. I've been shopping around for us.....

  4. The more I see those Lineage inserts... the more I think I need to go out and buy/build them. Great stuff.

  5. Lineage is a fave of mine. I love the 3d cards and the generous use of old-time players, 75 mini relics, diamond and shiny parallels. Ah shucks, I gotta have a box.