Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mets vintage travel overseas : a Mark Hoyle trade package

Mark and I have been exchanging a lot of cards in the past year, as I'll be sending him some modern Red Sox and Celtics, and he'll reply with some nice vintage baseball and basketball. But since there are no pre-1977 Blue Jays cards (obviously), I asked him if he wouldn't have any Mets laying around (at least, if the Blue Jays are eliminated tonight or tomorrow, I'll still have some hope for my second favorite team - sorry Night Owl).

And of course, he did.

But not before he sent some modern cards by his standards, and those are much needed :

You'll notice an Aaron Sanchez mini 2015 A&G. It so happens that it's my first card from that set.

I love that '71 Agee, and I'm also a big fan of the In Action subset.

More 72s !

First time I've ever run into that set, so I had to do a little research, as the backs don't tell much (it appears to be some kind of game). Turns out that those are 72 Milton Bradley cards, and that you play the game with a couple of dice.

 One day, when I'm really deep into my Blue Jays collection and there are no commons (or 90s) cards left to chase, I might tackle 1973 Topps. Maybe. I'll add this to the list entitled 'Yeah right'. Always nice to add a Yogi card, even as a manager.

And finally, we round this out with some 74 Topps !

Thanks a lot Mark for that very nice selection of 70s cardboard ! You gave my vintage Mets collection a nice kickstart.