Thursday, October 22, 2015

Buying blind

I love buying cards on justcommons. They're my own virtual dime boxes and offer great shipping prices. Today, I received 300 cards I hand picked during the last months (I started adding 93 UD cards in May, I think).
Unlike Ebay or Comc, when I shop on justcommons, I have no idea what the cards look like. I'll usually use my carddatabase checklist, choose a few years (I'll focus on the 90s at first) and check to see if they have some Blue Jays I need. I try not to purchase cards that are over .30 cts, except for very high end commons that I know I won't find in lots or on Comc.

I won't bore you with my Blue Jays purchases (for now). I'd rather bore you with other sets that were included with my order :

93 UD inserts ! and one of the better looking ones. I'm now only  missing 5 out of the 20 that comprise the set. And yeah, they chip easily because of the black border, but I don't really care about the condition of my cards, to tell the truth.

First, UD Masterpieces ! 2007 and 2008. I love that set (who doesn't ?). I tried finding complete sets at a decent price, but no luck there (especially when you factor in the shipping charges). So I just added cards randomly, not even looking at what they looked like on comc before. I'm crazy that way.

Ok, for 1973 Topps, I didn't buy them blindly. I looked on comc first and picked up whatever action shots I could find for cheap (less than .20cts I think). I'm happy with the result !

So there you go....I love blind trades so much that I'm even doing it with my own purchases...


  1. try blind-folded next time - if you're feeling truly adventurous!

    1. ha ! now that's a good idea ! And I'll put the cards blindly in envelopes, telling the postoffice to just deliver them wherever

  2. Jason Bay Masterpiece! I need a Just Commons binge. It would be much easier on my wallet than an eBay binge.

  3. You feel justcommons is cheaper/better than comc ?

  4. The masterpieces are ... masterpieces. Buying on Just Commons is kind of like opening a pack (or a box), but you know which players you are getting.