Monday, October 19, 2015

150 years and counting

While I try to understand why the Blue Jays insist on losing their first two games in each playoff series, here are some cards I got off the same Ebay seller the other day. Those are completely random, as always when I shop around at the same place and try to minimize shipping costs.

But hey, random is fun. I think.

Not as heralded as the die-cut 94 version, I still really like the design

I remembered that insert set from back in the day, and I thought it was pretty fun. FOr those who don't know, Big Unit is an avid photographer, and he took about 15 pictures of fellow big leaguers. This one isn't the most fun (you should check some of the others), but the design and photo work well together. Plus, it's a 90s insert !

Another favorite of mine, though I largely prefer the original Slideshow insert. It's transparent acetate this time. There's a second Griffey from that set, I'll have to grab it at some point.

I seem to understand that the signatures tend to fade away, on Sweet spot. I still like the idea though.

Another Sweet Spot, with a very clean signature (the blurry aspect is my fault) of a Gold glove favorite. If I had to be someone's supercollector (sounds weird, like saying 'if I had to be someone's sugar daddy'), I'd probably chose Scott Rolen. He played for the Blue Jays, he was incredible at 3rd base and there are tons and tons of his cards out there. And all are very affordable (this one cost me $3 for example). Or maybe Andruw Jones. I'll think about it.

And finally, a completely random 56 Topps of a player I'd never heard of (who played 9 years and had a couple very decent seasons). But it's '56 Topps, so I grab them when I see them for cheap (99 cts here). Maybe I'll complete the set. In about 10 years.


  1. It is hit or miss on some of the Sweet Spot autos. If they've not faded yet, you should be good. I would say put them in a one-touch magnetic, but you would spend more on those then the card most likely....If I have any more of the big ones I'll send you some.

  2. That's one of my favorite Hot Glove designs, though I think you have to have it in your hands to really appreciate it.

  3. The Tim Salmon-holding-a-salmon is one of my favorites from that Randy Johnson-photographed insert set.

  4. Sweet Spot - One more reason Upper Deck should have a MLB license.