Thursday, September 9, 2021

Junior WOAH (this is not an acronym)

 My new BFF Greg sent me a new batch of cards.
Just like that.
Because I'm a pretty cool guy

And also because we're both pretty excited to be able to talk about baseball cards in French (Matt: I still love you)

Anyway, he surprised me with that beauty:

These are 2006 Konami Griffeys, and they are pretty, pretty rare. Especially that refractor one. From what I understand, there are 2 parallels for 30 athletes (vs a 150 card base set). Foil, and that kind of refractor-like superfoil. He actually pulled those from a box he busted a while back, and thought they'd suit my collection best. 

I can't even find a listing for that refractor. 

But the base card sells for 50-80$, so I can only imagine.

Not that I'm in that friendship for the money, mind you (and I'll never sell it anyway), but it just shows that blogging generosity knows no borders !

TJ, I hope you're impressed !

That blanket I threw on my couch doesn't do that beauty justice, but I absolutely love that box topper.

I found the perfect place for it

There were more cards that I really liked, but I figured I'd do a special Junior in Papoy land. Thanks for reading !


  1. Really nice cards, and a really nice gesture!

  2. Those Konamis are cool. I always enjoy seeing Japanese baseball cards.

  3. It's a great article and I learn a lot from this.

  4. Miss you Bro. I was just reminded because Card Buzz selected a Bieber card I had in my latest Trade Bait. A card I got from you a while back. Hope you are well.