Monday, April 23, 2018

Dodgers Redeem-Team

I don't remember if I wrote about this (I'm inexorably getting old), but I pulled a redemption card from 2016 Stadium Club a few months ago. Nothing fancy, but it was still my very first redemption card pulled, so that's always a little bit special. I had purchased a Charles Oakley Panini redemption card a couple of years ago, but after a year, I got tired of waiting and they sent a replacement (a Drummond auto, it turns out). This time, it all went as planned and I only waited two months for my card. They send it by Fedex, which is always a pain when you aren't home, but it turns out today s my off day from work (aren't you all glad to know all those small bits of information ?). It must cost them a fortune to send overseas, but at least the service gets done !

Tadah, there it is ! I have since of course removed the sticker, but I left it in the scanner just to prove that I wasn't lying, that it was indeed a redemption and not just your usual inserted autograph. I wouldn't want you to feel cheated.

Things have been exceptionally slow on the card front. All of my cards are sorted and put in corresponding binders and boxes, which never happens. Which is why I quickly placed an order with COMC and Cardbarrels. No boxes for now, because nothing's really caught my attention. I should probably wait for all that Ohtani craziness to cool down anyway (and still be very excited in front of my TV each time he shows up).

More to come very soon !

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  1. Sweet card. I remember watching him during the 2013 WBC and thinking I can't wait for him to come over to the MLB.