Monday, March 19, 2018

All in all, another card in the wall

I've been wanting to do this in a while, and I finally got my lazy ass moving for once. I picked about 60 cards, after looking at all my binders and top loaders, so I suppose those would be my all time favorites (besides my 56 Ted Williams and 1960 Mantle, and all my autos). I'll just make sure they don't get exposed to direct sunlight, as I don't have duplicates for 95% of them.

This shows a few things : I like Griffey, I like Blue Jays, and I'm definitely a 90s guy. I don't even think there's anything from the last 15 years besides that Topps Now card.

I still need to put everything in place and add some Minis on the side to complete the project, and tadah, up on the wall it goes !

Edit : here's the finished project \o/