Friday, September 8, 2017

If it doesn't fit...

Don't worry, this post has nothing to do with OJ Simpson nor with a Seinfeld episode (that would be cool, though). It's just that I'm about to show a bunch of cards that simply hardly fit my collection. I've written about it many times : it's just that I add as many cards from one seller as possible on Ebay to lessen shipping costs. Most cards I really wanted are going to fellow bloggers, which is why I won't show them here.

Now, for some complete random cards straight from Korea (South Korea, not North, please don't unleash any fire and fury on me)

My first taste of chrome. There were 8 cards total, and they were all for $1.85, which is pretty good considering the Ichiro alone is worth at least that. The Cano is a purple refractor, though it's weird that only part of the card is purple...go figure. The Mitch Hanger at the bottom right is, I guess, a prizm refractor. Why anyone would keep using the word prizm after what Panini did with it is beyond me.

Part of a 5 relic set, with nobody I even remotely collect. Still like 2017 A&G though, so happy to have those anyway.

Full disclosure : I did not know who Garrett Richards is. Now I do. I still don't collect him, but it's a nice on card auto for a mere .99 cts

99cts also, but this time for the lot of 2 on card autos from the always enjoyable Tier One brand. I knew Shoemaker, but not Wisler.

Ok, those DO fit my collection (guess I won't be acquitted). I especially like the dual relic of Andruw Jones and Lofton, two players I like a lot. Each card was 99cts also.


  1. I've never seen that Ichiro Chrome card. What year is it from? Is there another one that has the right side of his face? It reminds me of those Fleer Superstar subset puzzle cards from the 80's.

    1. it's from 2017, and no, it only comes with that photo. It would've been a cool idea though ! There are, of course, refractors. It wouldn't be chrome otherwise

    2. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to target one for the Ichiro PC.