Sunday, September 3, 2017

Especially commons

I'll never state enough how grateful I am that a service like justcommons exists. It really makes the life of collectors easier, especially when, like me, you enjoy commons and tend to stay away from high end cards. Turns out they had restocked on some 93 UD, so I was able to cross off my wantlist most of my needs. I don't know how I managed, but I'm still missing a few base cards (5 or 6). I need to pay better attention ! I was also able to replace those that were really damaged after spending too much time in a box in a damp environment.

While I was at it, I added a bunch (244) of Blue Jays needs from 1977-1995. Nothing very fancy, just some holes to fill, but still very much needed. Not as exciting as vintage or cards from the crazy 95-99 era, but those will be for the next shipment.

It takes a while to add all those cards to the cart, but it's just like looking in a 10ct bin from overseas.

Those are far from commons, and are actually the toughest inserts to find from the 93 master set.They were only available at certain places (Upper deck heroes of baseball card shows), which didn't help. I was glad to add those 'commons' for a couple of $.

Woah, something went wrong with the scan there...ah well...I'm trying to get all of Griffey's base cards from major flagship sets. I'm missing about a dozen, they should'nt be too hard to track down (that's mainly because TJ aka the junior junkie helped me out a great deal with that project).

I did not remember adding those to my cart. I suppose I had a Topps craving, or my binder laying around and I looked which Topps cards I needed of Vizquel and Ozzie. The Nolan Ryans are because I'm trying to get one Topps base card from each of his playing days (the RC will be the toughie)

Just some random cards of Andruw and Bo, that I knew I did not have when I did a search by player name. The 91 SC is pretty cool, weird that I didn't already have it.

Now, for the Blue Jays, I'll only show the fan (and mine) favorites from those days. Those are players I've always heavily collected, which means it's not always that easy to find some I really need, besides parallels and inserts.

Early Bowmans are among the ugliest sets you'll come across, and that explains why I haven't added those before. I've also never bought a pack of Bazooka in my life !

At first, I thought those 2 cards were from the same photo. But a closer look showed that the writing on the bat isn't the same. I guess Delgado just always looked the same in his stance.

Alomar cards tend to be a little more expensive than other players, so I didn't always hurry to add him to my cart. I figured it was time to start adding some to my collection. I had to check what those Topps Gold winners were, and it's funny to learn that they are way less scarce than the normal gold parallels, even though it was a redeeming program. I really like that 94 Fleer where he puts out his own brother, and that 91 Topps traded.

Always a treat to add some base cards of Joe Carter ! I love those 94 Fleer inserts

Devo ! I suppose he was always running too fast and losing his helmet...

Those Studio cards from the  90s are really great. I also have a soft spot for 93 Ultra.

 I love those black gold leaf parallels. Such a cool idea and execution.

I wonder how Topps felt about those Gold rush parallels...I know I really love them. That Alomar is really weird.

yay, Sportsflics ! It's Winfield in pinstripes that you see in that first card (and Ripken on that second), but that's because there are 3 players on one card. THREE PLAYERS ! How cool is that ?

I had no idea there were so many boxed sets from Donruss and Fleer before I started getting semi-serious about my Blue Jays collection a few years back. The two Donruss Crime Dogs are from said boxed sets. The Winfield SC is a members only parallel.

And finally, I wanted to show some 84 Donruss. Because it's always a cool design to show.

there you go !

Now I need to virtually build a new stack...


  1. Funny you should mention buying Blue Jays on Just Commons...I had planned to do just that last week, not because I collect them but because blogger trades had depleted my stock. I didn't order anything though, b/c they were out of stock on set fillers I needed (and I was out of $)

    You picked some good ones here, I hope there's still some good Jays left on the site.

  2. Glad to see another collector out there who appreciates Sportflics as much as I do. I remember they were considered "high end" compared to the other companies back in 1986.

    Thanks for pointing out those 1993 UD Season Highlights inserts. I didn't really know anything about them. I wonder if I have any laying around. I looked them up on COMC and there's a Rickey in the set that I'll have to track down. Sadly I didn't see a Gwynn or Maddux. Oh well... they're kinda pricey, so maybe that's a good thing. Best of luck on building your 1993 UD Master Set.