Sunday, April 30, 2017

Trade round up : Brett Cooper, Zippy, The lost Collector

Matt forwarded a bunch of trade packages for me in his various envelopes that have been French-bound the past few months. I won't lie, it's really convenient for me (thanks again Matt !) and allows me to stay in the (waning but still a great idea) Supertrader group.

First, the Nationals representative : Brett Cooper

I was really  psyched about that card, as I didn't have it yet in my collection (for some reason). Just like Danny Ainge, can't say he made a bad choice by choosing another sport...

A little bit of everything, including a nice Sprewell from his T-Wolves days. The least we can say is that he left a mark in NY ! Thanks Brett for thinking of me !

You know you've been Zippy Zapped when you receive a Torrens custom card ! Especially since it says so on the back.

You also know there might just be a few Japanese cards in the mix. I love those Kellogg's UD oddballs

Surprising card to find in a trade package, but it's still a very cool 1971 fleer  World series Laughlin, before they got their official license for current players.

As always with Kenny, it's all about prospects

My first taste of Topps Bunt ! Doesn't really make you want to buy a whole box, but I applaud the concept.

Sorry, Rangers fans, but I'll never grow tired of that bat flip. The Lawrie die cut is real nice too

Finally, AJ (The lost collector) recently had Matt forward cards to me :

Always nice to add a Delgado insert/relic, especially from my favorite brand

Blue Jays cards from recent years, including a Perspectives insert and some 2017 Heritage I needed

And some from my main collecting years, that always bring back a ton of memories !
Thanks AJ !


  1. Postage overseas is expensive and you are worth every penny. It's more than kind of Matt to do the shipping. You added some nice cards!

    1. that's an awfully nice thing to say, thanks Julie !

  2. Thanks to Matt for sending along. Glad you got them!