Friday, April 28, 2017

Hits and run

One month after ordering them, I finally received some cards I had waiting at COMC. Mainly some cards for my trade partners, along with some cards I'd won on Ebay a few months ago. As always, you know the drill, I don't always get cards that truly fit my collection. Rather, I bid on cards that are cheap to complete a package in case I win a card I really want, as there's a $2 minimum fee for cards you send to your mailbox at Comc, and then it's .50ct per card. Which means I might as well get 4 cards for $2 instead of just one (that's just to save from .50ct to 1.5$, so I might as well bid on cheap cards).

Anyway, I thought those looked nice and pretty, so I snatched them, usually for a couple of bucks each.

Here's a card I actually wanted, of a player no longer with the Blue Jays organization. He was born in 93. I was 16, in 93, collecting Upper Deck cards. I feel so old right now...

I'm really happy to see Heyward bounce back from his horrible season last year. So far so good !

I don't have much to say about Wheeler other than I like the Mets and the card

The photo I took doesn't really do this card justice, but it really looks very nice. Topps the Mint has pretty cool cards. Then again, at $600-900 a box for 5 cards, it can look nice. I almost feel bad for the seller who pulled that card and ended up selling it for a hefty $5 to me. Almost.

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