Thursday, May 10, 2018


As I mentioned yesterday, I got a box of 2018 Opening Day. Simply because a French (well, THE French) online dealer had a box for $30, and it's always nice not to pay customs and shipping fees. I like this year's design. It wouldn't make me want to buy a box of flagship, but it's a major improvement compared to the past couple of years.

I actually did quite well, as far as that product goes. I just wanted to add a few cards to my various Pcs and check out some players in their new uniforms along with their stats from last year (yeah, I tend to get my baseball knowledge off the backs of cards, it keeps me from spending way too much time on Fangraphs), but ended up getting a tad more.

The one semi-annoying thing is that for some weird reason I got 199 out of 200 cards from the base set. I'm only missing card #1, and that's Kershaw. Weird collation technique.

It doesn't look too impressive like that, but it's actually a really tough pull, as the odds are 1:4951. 3 times scarcer than a mascot auto. But way less sought after, of course. Still a fun card to have, though looking at the card, I have no idea what part of the fabric it is.

Those are seeded 1:9, and it's always nice to get a Trout and a Seager. The Encarnacion National Anthem is also somewhat tougher to pull than the usual OD inserts, at 1:286

Yay, mascots !

And finally, of course, this year's poster boy. I've watch him pitch a few times and have to admit that he's pretty exciting (and seems like a likeable guy). I do not, at all, understand how his cards can fetch such high prices (supply and demand, I know, but in that case people seem to speculate when prices are at the highest. Just seems weird to me. I guess it shows how we react to consumerism when we want something right now). This opening day card, for example, sells for $6 to $10. The base card. Of Opening Day. This is way beyond crazy. But hey, it gets people talking about the hobby and maybe card makers can get creative again.


  1. I think you may have pulled Bernie's underwear.

  2. I somehow pulled three Ohtanis out of a couple blasters of Opening Day I opened (yay, collation issues!). Might be time to sell the two extras.

  3. The international market probably has a lot to do with it. Japanese retailers are having a tough time keeping anything that Ohtani is in in stock.

    1. it's the new NomoMania ! yeah, like I said, supply and demand. But still, he'll never get hotter than his first couple of weeks (his red heritage signature sells for 3 times less than at the time for example). Unless he throws a no hitter in the WS in game 6 and the walk away HR in the seventh game

  4. I picked up a pair of blasters... in hopes of pulling an Ohtani. Congratulations on that monster pull! Sweet card.

  5. as I like to say, "crotch swatch". I stay away from game-used pants. Nice box for the price tho. It's just a bummer baseball cards aren't readily available there. When baseball comes to the UK, perhaps it will envelop Europe, replacing soccer/football in popularity! Yep, that's what will happen!