Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Summer flashback

I've had some cards waiting for me in my COMC mailbox since this summer, and I figured it'd be a nice Christmas surprise to myself (I'm very good at acting surprised) to have it shipped a few weeks ago. There wasn't much (hence the long wait) but it still feels worth the $5 S&H tag.

I'm pretty sure someone, somewhere would've sent it over in a trade, but I couldn't wait ! Beautiful card.

Yeah, I don't know what got over me. I typed 'hologram' in COMC and just picked a few cheap ones. I'm a big fan of the Flintstones. And I seem to understand from the book I read about Upper Deck that cardtoons was a bust. That Cy Young is limited to...150 000 copies. Better get yours fast !

 When it comes to my PC, I try to get as many base cards as possible, along with at least one auto. This won't happen with Bo (way too expensive), so I'll settle with some base cards. Happy to add that Leaf and Topps Future Stars ones.

Same here with a couple missing base cards (I bought a couple boxes of 92 SC and somehow managed never to get this one)

You can't tell from the scan, obviously, but this is a JUMBOOOOOO card. I love those. I need more. Great looking insert too, one of my favorites from that time.

Those two I won on Ebay. They're for my HOF project, and I'm quite happy with that Bob Feller 1956 Topps. It's a little bit creased, but besides that, it's great looking.

 Ok, so maybe, MAYBE I was a tad influenced by Night Owl's Top 100 70's cards. Maybe. Maybe I even plan on getting them all someday.

 Aparicio is probably one of the cheapest HOFers/Gold glovers to collect. Even the 62 Topps cost me $3 on Comc, and they're not exactly the cheapest when it comes to vintage cards.

Finally, more for the Gold glovers PC. A couple of 1976 Topps, including that amazing Bench card.

So there you go, a little bit of everything, as always !


  1. Love the variety.

    And, as far as the greatest 100 '70s cards, yes! Get them all!

  2. Never get tired of looking at the 76T Bench. By the way... you're a genius. Never thought to type "hologram" into COMC's search box. Headed off to do it now.

  3. Having the Future Stars Bo Jackson made you the cool kind at my elementary school.