Wednesday, June 28, 2017

More cards from Brian

Good news, I survived my 40th birthday.
I'll pause for effect.


There's one gift I'll want to show off, but I need to receive it first. One hint : I'm very, very excited about it !

But before that, there's our latest triple break I need to blog about, as once again Brian sent me my share of the break along with a bunch of great cards.

This time, Brian chose a box of 2006 Heritage. Like him, I wasn't collecting during that period, so those cards are all new to me, save for a couple of Blue Jays I already had in my collection. I really love their look and feel, and Vlad is cool on any card and design anyway. Unfortunately, there weren't any hits in the box, but hey, the base cards are still nice enough.

Roger, Roger and more Roger

Woohoo, much needed Blue Jays !

There are some really strange looking cards in the bunch...that Teixeira is actually a little creepy.

More weirdness, this time with the scenery.

And like I said, Brian always pimps his packages with awesome material for my PC :

A couple Kranepools, including a signed one ! I love that 67 also

The Knicks announced today they were parting ways with Phil Jackson. That's great news for any Knicks fan, even though I have mixed feelings considering the tremendous respect I have for the guy. But I have noooo idea whatsoever what he had in mind. Beside a triangle, that is.
The Warren Moon is great, as it works like a sportsflics card, with the back written in spanish. Perfect oddball.

A bunch of Blue Jays from this year's batches. I'm definitely not a big fan of the 2017 topps design. I do like the OD blue parallel though (Morales shown here)

Love that Big Hurt, and it's not something you'll read often here, but that Panini Donruss looks actually pretty good. Always a treat anyway to get a Donaldson relic in a trade

How cool a selection is that ? Amazing Deion foldout, incredible Griffey holograms/oddballs (perfect combo !), a fancy Mattingly, some Yadiers, a cool Bo. Wow ! (yes, I get very excited about base cards)

And finally, more Blue Jays goodness, including a couple of autos (woohooo), some 90s inserts (gotta love those Ultra inserts) and a nice RC of a promising pitcher

Thanks a lot Brian, as always !

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