Sunday, May 7, 2017

cARRHds from Matt

This time, for our usual Transatlantic triple break, Matt picked a box of 2016 Finest. Typically the kind of box I'd never bust on my own, so I'm happy about that choice. That said, there wasn't much in it for me in terms of hits (and not many cards altogether in the box, as is often the case with semi high end cards), but the cards are still very cool, so thanks Matt for the break !

The Carrasco is actually a little shinier than the others. I wonder if it's a refractor ? I remember how tough it was to tell a refractor from a normal card at the very beginning in the 90s. At least, now they write it at the back.

Some shiny inserts of Franchise finest no longer with said franchises. Ah well.

One less Blue Jays card to chase !

And as always, Matt sent some amazingly incredible cards to go with the box break. Let's look at them, one punch at a time :

First major blow : that Mattingly auto (sorry about the poor quality of the photo, I guess I was trembling with excitement), straight from Matt's collection. At first, I thought it was a Leaf card, because of the logo on the top right. But it's actually a Panini Limited Greats. Goes to show that I'd hardly noticed the absence of pinstripes and logo. As long as the mustache is there...

Catchers seem to make Panini's job easier, and that's a gorgeous card of Yadier. Not sure what that green jersey is all about though.

Nice two color swatch . It's SN 11/25 (almost a Christmas card for Gavin)

The 3 biggest stars from the team on one single great looking card (I really like Immaculate). Great to see that there's some blue in there and not just white, which adds to it !

The type of card I'd never chase, because there are two major stars on it (and Harper is killing it this year). Wow !

For good measure, Matt included a pack of 2010 Topps series 2. Because I can never get enough packs to bust ! Saltalamacchia was 1 for 25 this year before being released. Slightly under the overall BA for the Blue Jays so far.

Thanks Matt, I'm always floored by your generosity and how you always hand pick the cards you send me. A lot of my favorite cards from my collection come from Morgantown !


  1. The Finest brand has held up over the years but is over-priced for what you get (or don't get as is the case with my box-busts.) Matt more than made up for that! Molina's card is nice enough for sure but the Donaldson/Harper duo = awesomeness!

  2. Glad you liked everything. I haven't been able to pickup much in the way of Blue Jays cards recently. Maybe the slow start will change the cardboard fortune at least... I was excited about the Harper card. Always love combos like that feature Pirates. Allows me to pickup up some bigger names without feeling guilty.

  3. Nice looking Finests. The Jerrod is great if only for the length of his name on the jersey and the use of the smaller font. I wonder if he's ever wished his family had shortened the name.