Friday, March 17, 2017

I poo poo on your Juju (don't worry, just the name of a music album)

Julie is great, I think we can all agree on that. And I'm not saying this just because she has the same sense of humor I do, nor because she always sends the most amazing packages filled with surprises. Ok, maybe those facts help a little. But she also has one of the most enjoyable blogs to read, and that's saying a lot considering the talent out there.

So of course, I was ecstatic when Julie came back to blogging, and started to really jump up and down when a package arrived at my door a few weeks ago.

She's back.
And this means a bunch of cards to sort out that fit perfectly my collection ! Here's a sample of what Julie sent, all cards that are new to me.

Oh, and sorry about the poor scanning job, I'm still using my phone, and the results aren't always great...but then again, I'm pretty sure you know what cards look like irl.

 Impossible not to love minis. Especially parallel minis, as is the case with the last one on the bottom right

Ichiros ! Those canvas collection look great in person.

 I'm missing a bunch, obviously, but it's not that easy to find a Griffey I don't have. So 4 new ones is a great score ! That Classic card is one of those cards that have been on my mental wantlist for 20 years and that I'd forgotten about.

Just like Baerga, Vlad is one of those players I don't officially collect but am always happy to add cards of. Which actually probably means I collect them...

Them I officially collect ! Great looking card of Bo, btw.

A couple of Blue Jays autos, including an IP one (or TTM, I have no idea !)

A couple of gorgeous Delgados ! 90s power !

Speaking of power...

Speaking of 90s...those O Pee Chee portraits sure are something. Maybe they should've stuck to Topps...

There's nothing I don't love here. Museum (!!!), shiny mid-90s topps and sample cards. Perfect combo

 Like many, here's the grayer area of my collection : 2000-2010, including an insane amount of parallel cards. And a very bad Toronto team...(except for Doc, obviously)

Some shiny Bowmans ! I think the Donaldson may be a refractor or something, I need to research that. Thor played a couple of seasons in Toronto's farm system before being included in the trade that brought RA Dickey...not sure about that move...

Some very nice high end and real thick  numbered cards

I have to admit : the more I see Panini products, the more I come to like them. Except for Prizm and Donruss, of course...Still need them, though !

Still love those framed Gypsy cards. It's also SN 499

Gotta love SC, and they did a nice job with those National Baseball card day cards. They have a 90s feel to them design wise. Alongside something Upper Deck could've come up with. Before seeing that Lawrie card, I had no idea he had a variation in that set (he has 3, actually). Variation cards annoy me...

A big thank you to you, Julie, and also for the wacky cards packs you sent (and for the T shirt). Your packages always bring a huge smile this side of the Atlantic !


  1. The Ichiro Canvas are standouts. Also the Bo. I've always loved the Topps Pristine cards.

  2. I'm with Hackenbush... those Ichiro Canvas Collection cards are awesome! That 85T Upshaw is pretty sweet too. Great looking signature.

  3. poo poo on your juju is much better than reading i shat on the cracked bat. kev - you are so much fun and easy to please. hard to believe these cards are all new to your collection, not that I'm calling you a liar. not at all.