Sunday, February 14, 2016

Transatlantic owl flight through the night

Greg (aka NO) was one of the first bloggers I reached out to when I started blogging myself. It took 18 months, but we finally completed our first trade (yay).

Here are the highlights of the small packet Greg was kind enough to send, and all were needed for my collection.

Thanks for taking the time to find a missing 93 UD ! (I'm almost there...)

It took me long enough to get those couple beauties from Stadium Club. Good thing traders are here.

 Various Blue Jays from various years, including 90s favorites

 A couple of PC (I really like that Ichiro, and Studio is always a classic) and a couple of Knicks. I never get any basketball in trades (seems logical, this is a baseball card blog and community), so those are welcomed.

The only logical reason I can find to Pat Burrell having made it across the ocean is that he definitely looks like Scott Rolen. But yeah, not quite.

And finally, some much needed gorgeous Masterpieces cards for my budding collection .

Thanks a lot Greg for sending me a little bit of everything that fits my collection (plus Pat Burrell) !


  1. Ha! I've mixed up Rolen and Burrell probably hundreds of times. And now my mix-up has crossed the ocean! Screwing up on both sides of the Atlantic!

  2. I have a great memory of Pat Burrell. Back in the mid 2000's I was in Clearwater Florida taking in a game. After the game Burrell was walking to do some more workouts and a few kids asked him for an auto and he just kept walking without acknowledging them. What a dick! It was so dickish it made me laugh. It would have taken about 30 seconds to sign for them.

    1. So it's settled, I will NOT collect his cards !

  3. That photo IS actually of Scott Rolen. Stadium Club screwed up. (I actually just threw that card into my Just Commons cart.)

    1. yeah... I was gonna say something similar to that - if that is Pat Burrell, he's doing a very very good impersonation.